The good news is that many food sensitivities can be reversed. However, some cannot.

I once had a client who came to me after one of the most famous healing elimination diets. She just couldn’t seem to reintroduce foods successfully.

Food sensitivities happen for the following reasons:

  1. Leaky gut syndrome. Leaky gut syndrome allows for particles of food and fungus and other matter from the gastrointestinal tract to enter the blood stream through microscopic holes and ends up where it does not belong. This can cause an immune or inflammatory response and this leads to symptoms like pain, brain fog, fatigue, and autoimmune disease.
  2. Poor digestion. While poor digestion overlaps with leaky gut syndrome as one possible cause of LGS, it also means you cannot break down proteins properly. This means that they are more likely to get through the intestinal lining and into the bloodstream. It also means that if you cannot break them down and digest them well, then you will get digestive distress which is often associated with leaky gut syndrome.

While the above reasons are how they become an issue, this is not the whole story.  Leaky gut and poor digestion are not why someone loses one food forever versus why they are able to get others back after healing their gut: this is genomics.

The genes that determine which are lost forever or temporarily are a part of their innate immune system: the immune system  they are born with.  In some individuals, their reactions start way before there are ever antibodies: in cases like childhood (or latent onset) afflictions like ADD, mental illness and mood disorders and even autism, these genes are playing a role way before antibodies are ever formed to these foods. The immune system is reacting with inflammation whether it be all over, in the brain or in the ears (an ear infection). I won’t list all the places it could show up, but it does show up: asthma, sinus infections, fibromyalgia, eczema- it could show up anywhere and anyhow.  While not every childhood disease is gluten related, unless you are informed about these, you could miss the connection, as most are missed completely. Some are dairy related. Some are both.  Some are neither.

For this particular client, we focused on healing the gut and addressing her sub-optimal digestion.

To make things interesting, when we started investigating her known food sensitivities, I noticed a pattern: They were all gluten cross-reactives.

This is what the CEP refers to as the “Celiac Pattern”.  But be aware: you don’t have to have Celiac Disease to have this pattern.

Clients like this are one of the reasons I developed the CEP protocol. So many untested possible Celiacs that are losing foods and many of them are still eating those foods, too. (97% of Celiac’s are undiagnosed).  But the exposure  to these lost foods is hurting their bodies.

While we did not ever test this client (it was not worth her getting sick just to say “yup, I was right!), we proceeded to introduce foods in a new order, different from the order suggested by other elimination diets. We  reintroduced non-cross-reactives first. This was a success. While some foods she was not ready for (due to a need for further healing in her digestive system which was presumably damaged from not being diagnosed early enough to prevent this damage), we were able to identify which ones she would not try again-  being able to assume them to be lost forever.  Thankfully there were not too many. While she could always decide to try and see if she could get them back, if she did not then she at least had a plausible explanation of why she could not reintroduce them. We were also able to make an educated guess of which ones would be more or less challenging based on her bio-individual pattern and medical history.

If you have a gluten-related disorder, then the chances of you reacting to the Celiac Pattern are higher than if you do not.

And this means that those foods not on the pattern are  able to be regained after healing the digestive system and being able to break down these foods properly and also after healing leaky gut ( to prevent particles from entering the blood stream).  If you do not have a gluten-related disorder, then the pattern is unlikely to show up.

I must make note, however, that you may not know you have a gluten-related disorder.

Unless you are educated in the food patterns and know how to apply them then there is no way you would be looking for disorders where this may be helpful. So this is not something your doctor would voluntarily tell you..

Wondering if your food sensitivities follow a pattern? Wondering if you can get these foods back? Wondering which ones may be lost forever? Then a qualified professional is the way to get an objective view into the patterns of your experiences.

If you are not sure why you are continuing to have food sensitivities, then seek professional help from a food sensitivity specialist. You can always contact me directly to see if you qualify for a free consult and we can discuss your needs, goals and history to see if I can help your case.

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