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I’ve done a lot of thinking lately about Chronic Illness, and the spiritual side of healing.  I associate emotions a lot with spirituality not because spirituality is about emotions or emotionalism, but because when we suffer emotional trauma, it becomes a spiritual issue.

A few facts

Fact One: It has become accepted, even in the most conservative of circles, that emotions manifest into the body as physical symptoms.  Dr. Daniel Amen, Neuro-Psychiatrist and author of such books as  Change Your Brain, Change Your Life, says that each thought we have is a physical thing that changes our DNA and tells every cell in our body how to act.

Fact Two: In the Autoimmune Population, childhood trauma is very common, much more so than in the general population, increasing the likelihood of various auotimmune diseases by 70% to 100% depending on the type. (1)

Fact Three: For those with Neurological Disorders, including nerve pain, there is also a correlation of these childhood traumas (2) (3).  It has also been said that the perspective when we treat our diseases, as looking at the body as the enemy, needs to re-evaluted.  For if we see our body as the enemy, are we not telling our body to attack itself? (4) And while we are on this bandwagon, does this not include self-talk, self-hatred, and even our subconcious view of ourself? After all, these things tell every cell in our body how to act? And if our body is attacking itself, then what told it to do that?

Let me first take time to say that this is not something to explore instead of other modes of healing.  This “spiritual” work is not to replace nutrition and lifestyle or medical attention in trying to address the root causes of your disease. However, in the interest of leaving no stone unturned, perhaps it should be addressed as a part of the functional and holistic medicine model? Perhaps it is a piece of the puzzle in these mosaic diseases? (mosaic disease: a disease that has no one cause but rather several root causes that all come together to create a picture of disease or health: a “perfect storm” of conditions that lead to one of many modern diseases)

So what does this have to do with your Root Chakra? And for that matter, what the hell is a Root Chakra?to answer this question, I first need to explain what a Chakra is and some theory that relates to it.

In the eastern religions, we are said to have multiple bodies: In Kundalini yoga, for example,  there are ten bodies.  In the Judeo-Christian world, we talk about this same phenomena in the terms of “selves”.   Freud talks about the ego, id and the super-ego.  Modern Psychologists use terms like “inner child”  and most of us acknowledge a separation between the soul and the personality.  Personality can be affected by health of the body (as in someone with Alzheimer’s Disease) but the soul is something quite different.  In theory, these different selves are connected, affecting the health of each other.  For example, the wounds of the inner child would affect our present physical body and perhaps the health of our soul as well. While I could write an entire thesis on this alone,  I’m asking you to just stay with me as we move onto how this affects your chakra and your physical health.

So let’s say your inner child is affecting your present physical body (which apparently it is, according to the above statistics). Then it would also affect your other bodies– ten or however many you can identify– because they are all inter-connected.  This inner child and your spiritual body are just as connected to each other as they each are to the physical body.

The physical body has energy points. These energy points are called chakras but you already know many of them (see below for details). The spiritual body and inner child (or whatever names you call them) also have energy points. It is for this reason that some people can see Auras, the energy coming off of these other bodies or selves.  Others, not able to see Auras (most of us), can feel energy around you.  Have you ever been around someone that made you feel uncomfortable? That is because you could feel their energy.  You could feel the chakras in one of their “other” bodies.  So you know that energy was a very real thing.

In the physical body, we can measure these energies from the chakras:   with frequency (we are talking quantum physics here), heartbeats, electrical currents, heat, and more.  It is not secret that we are energetic beings. We can feel and observe these energies when our heart beats, our sex organs become aroused, when our intestines move our food without being told, when our thyroid produces hormones, our brain sends messages,  and when our hands produce heat as we rub them together.  These energy points are also chakras. There are many chakras in the body but 7 “main” chakras.

The 7 main chakras:  There are 7 main chakras and they are all one hand’s length (from tip of your thumb to tip of your pinky when the fingers are spread) apart from each other and the first is at your groin (the perineum to be exact) and the 7th is at the top of your head. (Go ahead, measure away.. you will see that I am correct about the math).

But today we are only going to talk about the bottom Chakra: The root chakra. Yes, the one at your perineum.

It is no coincidence that chakra concepts are reflected in our language: Tree of life, Feeling “grounded”, putting down roots

Remember how your spiritual and emotional body connect to your physical body? Well this physical body part has a connection to a specific part of your spiritual and emotional bodies.  Although i cannot draw you a diagram, I can tell you about them so that you will know which parts of these ‘bodies’ I am talking about.  Because you have already experienced their “energy” in your life.

It is no coincidence that the Energy point that is at the genitals, the literal point of our creation, is linked to our own creation. (This is the point of our spiritual body that connects here- the point of our own creation).  It is also connected to our security, our groundedness, or “knowing who we are” (this is a part of our emotional body– it’s root chakra has this energy. if you haven’t felt grounded or secure then you at least know that this energy or feeling exists).

If you have every read about Chakras before you will have read that this Root Chakra, or energy point at our own physical “root” of our spine, is associated with the color “red” and with the essential oil “x”.  This simply means that by enjoying these things, you can tap into activating this chakra.  The color and oil will not do the work for you, but can aid in chakra work,: or activating the energetic connection between our various bodies, particularly points that are already connected- such as the root chakras of all 3 bodies.


About the Root Chakra. For our physical body, it is the seat of creation: literally. It is where we create a human.  But for our spiritual body, this is a mirror of our creator.  In the Christian Religion, we are told we are created in God’s Image. This is in other religions too (5) but not all and I am no expert in religion so I will not speak of what I do not know. This means that we “look” like our Father, so to speak.   It is my personal belief that it is our spiritual body that “looks” like Him, but what do I know?

And while we are not perfect, we are designed perfectly.  And that is the basic concept of the Root Chakra.  This  concept is at the core of our spiritual body’s root chakra. And this concept can communicate with our emotional body.  And if they could all start communicating this together, then perhaps they can start to heal our root chakra. And by healing all these chakras, then perhaps our body will also be able to finish healing.  This is particularly useful when we have done everything we can with medicine and food but are still not healed. But why wait until then? Why not start healing this part today?

So what are the practical applications in healing? Why would I want to do this? Well, I find that systemic diseases, like lupus, reynauds, myasthenia gravis, nervous system disorders: disease that have no one focal point– I often find hormonal imbalances. These hormonal imbalances started before the disease culminated and formed, but also helped form the disease. In the health history, the story seems to start here. Hormones are created by the root chakra. They affect everything. My patients with these systemic diseases often had bad periods, endometriosis, infertility, or other signs of hormonal disharmony. While it is possible to have disease start elsewhere, it is very common for systemic diseases (ones that are all over rather than in one location of the body) to start here.

According to Alissa Vitti, Author of WomanCode, hormones being “out of whack” can cause a series of events that eventually lead to autoimmunity and other disease.

To activate, heal, or open the root chakra, start here

I want to start by teaching you a powerful mantra. A mantra is just a positive or focused thought, saying or word. It may be an affirmation, or just an idea that you focus on.   If you repeat any group of words, you are using a mantra.  For this exercise we will use the Mantra “Ham Sa”. (pronounced “Homm Sah”)

Ham Sa, according to author Elizabeth Gilbert is a sanskrit word that means “I am that”.  She says this is the first breath we take as we enter the world.  You will see below that this is kind of a self announcement of our own arrival, but also an answer to our creator in response to our creation. In meditation, it can be used as both, even at the same time.

Side note for various religious beliefs:

If you are an atheist or of a non Judeo-Christian religion , you can still use this mantra, but you may have to spend some time translating it into your viewpoint or cultural “lingo” to understand it thoroughly.  Because of my own cultural bias and belief in a Creator, I cannot translate for you if you do not have this belief simply because I do not know your language.  I only know the language of my own culture.  You see, my  translation into the language of my  culture is something that took time: it was the result of a focused journey.  This journey was one where I actively sought answers and understanding of this information. I wanted to “get it”.  To find your own translation, regardless of your religious beliefs, may take your own journey if you do not speak the religious language that I was raised to understand.  But if you do, then please keep reading.  If you find these “translations” then I beg of you to teach me so that I can include it in my teachings: Or perhaps that is a part of your mission?

So I want to take a moment to talk to all the Judeo-Christians reading this: First of all, thank you for making it this far. If you have been told or fear that this is not biblical-  please keep reading. For this is very biblical.  I wanted to talk to this group specifically because this is the culture I was raised in and feel a need to translate into a language that this culture can understand.  These  “chakras”, or rather their concepts,  are reflected by truths in the bible (and other ancient religious texts, obviously).  For example, the root chakra of our spiritual body is reflected in the bible verse Genesis 1:27, where God created man in his own image. And if you keep reading, then I will explain further.

In the above manta, or phrase “Ham Sa”, I explained that this translates into “I am that”.  Perhaps you are wondering “what? what is ‘that’?”

So let me define what “that” is: You are that which is..

  1. created in the image of god
  2. while not perfect, you are perfectly created
  3. you were created for the journey that you are on
  4. you were created with purpose
  5. your design gives you everything you need for this journey and everything you need to fulfill this purpose, except one thing
  6. you were designed for relationship with the Creator
  7. This intimate design is necessary to reach the  potential of your purpose and  of your design
  8. Fulfilling this purpose leads to recognizing your own design- a mysterious and magical experience

Woah. Those are some profound truths. They are so simple but even those who agree with these truths, do not know them deep inside. I confess, that they are not something that has stayed in my focus and I can only keep these in focus with daily meditation and connection with the universe/god.

So how do we put all this information together?

Meditation. Sounds oversimplified? Well let me unsimplify this: 

While sitting in “easy pose” (cross legged position), close your eyes or stare at a candle’s flame. Connect to your breath and relax. Make sure you are breathing in with “soft belly breath”.  This means that as you breathe in, your belly rises and as you exhale it deflates.  If this is difficult, then sit somewhere that your back is supported while you sit in easy pose, such as a couch or comfortable chair.

Connect to the breath. Breathe in and as you inhale, invite  God (or the spirit of love) into your being.  At the top of the breath, suspend the breath and just acknowledge and feel the spirit of God (or of love). Spend time with this presence and really experience it until your body tells you it needs to exhale. As you exhale, say your mantra “Ham Sa”.   As you say it, think of and acknowledge all of what it means. All that you are, all that you are created to be. You are a reflection of god, a reflection of this love. A reflection of the presence you just held in your being. “Ham Sa” is your response to this presence.

Set a timer and start with five minutes. Practice this meditation daily and see what comes of it. While the root chakra is only the beginning, it is the root and base of all the chakras.

It is also the base or beginning of chronic illness. While this is not the full meditation, It is the first one. Stay tuned for the next one, coming soon.

If you would like to be trained in full on this meditation or all of them as a part of your healing journey, then be sure to contact me with the information here to schedule a free consultation to see if you qualify for one of our healing programs.

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