When Eat Right and Exercise Is Not Enough: Take Your Body Back Event 2020

When eat right and exercise isn't enough:

take your body back  2020

Fatigued, moody, bloated and still struggling with your health despite doing "everything right"- Its time to FINALLY                                    Take Your Body Back

WITHOUT drugs, surgery or gimmicks.

1 DAY ONLY: OCTOBER 10, 2020




You have heard and tried it all..

  • You have been told you are "perfectly fine" but you know you are NOT perfectly healthy.  
  • You have been told  you are "just getting older" while you watch the 90 year old down the block run circles around you. (WTH?! right?)
  • You have been told its "normal" to be tired- but you know that its not normal for you to feel like THIS.
  • You have been told there is nothing to be done- but that is just not good enough for you.
  • You have been told that you just need to eat right (or less) and exercise more- but nobody seems to understand that isn't working!
  • And the more you ask for help, the less help you seem to be able to find.

You don't even remember what healthy feels like anymore...

And you have tried every .damn. diet. in. town.

You are in the right place.

I CANNOT tell you... How many women tell me that they are not able to be the wife, mother and employee that they want to be-

"I wish I could take my kids to the park or the library, the zoo-, but instead they end up watching to much tv .. and there are only so many days in a row she can color before I start feeling guilty- which only adds to the guilt I feel when I lose my patience with her- she is  only five: its not her fault.".

It would be nice if my husband had a partner to share the work with- instead of having to do his half and some of mine, too.- it;s not fair to him. He didn't sign up for this...

I don't remember what it feels like to have a dream- much less remember what it feels like to even have the option to chase a dream.- I am just trying to survive!

Can You Relate?

If so, then this workshop was created for YOU! 

This is the event and support I would have BEGGED FOR when I was dealing with fatigue, poor skin, mood swings and a constant battle against my body-

leaving me feeling discouraged.


and out of control-

like I was walking through life uphill- nothing was ever easy


Inside this workshop....

... Is the details and missing information that your doctor does not know and doesn't have the time to figure out- much less make sure you are getting it right! (hint: it's not drugs or surgery)

That this event....

... will help you find what you cannot get at a one-size-fits-all "diet" clinic?

One size fits all solutions don't address what makes YOUR BODY different and WHY you are feeling the way you are feeling.

It IS Possible to...

- Wake up feeling refreshed

- Feel in control of your body, your weight, digestion and moods

- To be living your "best life"

- To heal and be healthy again




"My wins  were losing weight, sleeping better, and less depression. I also have improved nails, hair and eyebrow growth and my acne is gone. My digestion and elimination has also improved. My A1C is lower and my thyroid is balanced again. All of it worked. It was surprising how fast things changed and my labs turned around"


The biggest result coming off this program is my everyday life has gotten better and my pain
levels have significantly  decreased. I’m able to go out more and hang out with friends and family
and they even notice that I am starting to feel better. Once you start seeing that, you don’t want
to stop”


The biggest tangible change I have noticed since the beginning of the program has been fatigue is getting better, brain fog not as bad and the pain has lessened and digestion is much better.

I know first hand what it is like...

  • To have to push through every day- living on protein shakes and energy shots- and feel like everything is harder than it should be.. at work, home and even in your own body
  • I know what it feels like to see in my nails, my hair, my skin, my work performance, my relationships and my happiness that I am not "perfectly fine". 
  • I know what it is like to be the healthiest eater I know- and still have health that is worse than everyone else's- to still be struggling with your moods, your weight, your energy, and your sleep.
  • That was my story for over 15 years- AND IT KEPT GETTING WORSE- until I started digging deeper.
  • I also know EXACTLY what it takes to TAKE YOUR BODY BACK!
  • And how good it feels when those days are FAR behind you...

Hi! , I'm Rebecca Mills-Anderson, BA, BS, CHHC                      -Clinical Director of Integrative Health Coaching Services...

In addition to being a certified functional and integrative health coach I am also an Autoimmune, Neurological and Environmental Illness Specialist who has extensive additional education including being a certified Wahl's Protocol Practitioner and Certified FDN Thyroid Specialist.

I have a proven clinical track record of helping people reach their health goals (90% success rate!) including those who are dealing with fatigue, brain fog, digestive disorders, inflammation, and helping them uncover their root causes- and what they can do about it. 

In addition to my clinical experience, I have successfully used nutrition, lifestyle and functional health principles to reverse over 10 Autoimmune and Neurological disorders  of my own- including Hashimoto's Thyroiditis (Autoimmune Thyroid Disease), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Cognitive Decline, and Mold Illness.

I know EXACTLY how it feels to have a TEAM of doctor's tell me everything is fine when it most certainly is NOT fine- and how it feels when you find out REAL ANSWERS- and solutions.

You can read my story of healing  using the link at the top of the page labeled "My Story" . You can view my full educational and clinical background  by clicking Contact> Our Team> About Rebecca Mills-Anderson, BA, BS, CHHC, also at the top of this page.

Bottom Line??

I not only understand what you are going through-, but have studied the HELL out of the human body-

-how ALL the parts work together

- and how to get them to work together when they stop working like they should.

and then I learned what you cannot learn from a book- what you only know from having done it yourself-

how to do it RIGHT.

and now its your turn

its your time to TAKE YOUR BODY BACK.

"Our programs are rooted in evidence- based science and practices-  our ability to custom blend the wisdom of the most brilliant minds in the healing worlds under one roof and then teach and guide our clients through the process of implementing that wisdom- THIS allows us to accomplish what one person and their doctor cannot do alone-

but what it is REALLY like to heal yourself- what does it REALLY take??

That is something you can only learn by personal experience.

The personal guidance that IHCS offers that is a result of both of personal AND clinical experience is what makes this practice TRULY unique- and one of the many reasons why OUR success rate is so high" 


-Rebecca Mills-Anderson, BA, BS, CHHC,

Workshop Includes:

4 Classroom Style Modules

We are going to help you figure out what you have been missing when it comes to using food as medicine- and why "healthy diets" will keep you from reaching health- these modules are LIVE- not pre-recorded to make SURE you feel empowered by these materials to TAKE YOUR BODY BACK.

3 Live Hot-Seat Coaching Sessions and 1 Q and A session

Get hands-on coaching during the workshop with a VIP Hot Seat Ticket. Ask your questions during the Q and A, or during one of our many bonus opportunities-  we are here to support and help you customize the information based on YOUR needs- get answers to your questions and make sure this is something that will ACTUALLY work this time. This will help set you up for SUCCESS! (Finally, right?)

Supplemental Workbooks and Materials

These workbooks will help help you take notes, customize your health journey, and allow you to take the journey "home" with you to help you focus in executing what you learn and discover!

And These Other Bonuses

Entry into 3 Giveaways and a chance for MORE ENTRIES! You could win a  an Essential Oils for Thyroid Balance Bundle (DoTerra),  A second event ticket for a friend (a $4960 Value),  or a Free Recording of the Workshop (a $97 Value!)

Essential Oils For Thyroid from Essential Oils Expert Lisa Jurecko

Using Palpation to assess gut health

Using the breath as a healing tool

Natural Solutions for Pain Management

Additional Savings on healthy groceries, supplements and more!

Discounts and Special offers just for attendees!

Complimentary Post-Workshop Consultation- 


Your Workshop Instructor: 

Rebecca Mills-Anderson,


Rebecca Mills-Anderson is a Certified Health Coach, Autoimmune, Neurological and Environmental Illness Specialist who spends most of her time helping those with Thyroid Disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Brain Disorders and those who cannot find answers or solutions anywhere else.

 Her educational background started at Mississippi State University (BS), the University of Montevallo (BA), and the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (CHHC) and continued with such educational institutions such as Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, the Institute of Functional Medicine and Amen University.

Although her resume boasts a long list of education, her real value as a coach comes not only from these reputable educational institutions, but from the first-hand experience of knowing exactly what it takes to recover from these type of health conditions added to the educational and clinical experience she brings to each of her clients' journeys. She KNOWS how to TAKE YOUR BODY BACK

This Workshop is for the person who.....


  • Is craving a safe place to ask your question without being rushed because "your five whole minutes are up"
  • who confidently wants to be able to know what foods will make you feel good and which ones will not
  • who wants to know how to exercise in a way that you don't hate
  • Is sick of being told that they are just "getting older" when they know that is code for "I don't know anymore than you do".
  • Knows there are answers and just wish someone would help you find them- AND be able to help you do something about it!
  • is experiencing any health issue that drugs, surgery or gimmicks isn't giving you the results, or the path to healing, that you are looking for!
  • wants to know why doing everything "right" isn't working for you- and help fixing that!

Are you finally ready to put yourself and your health FIRST so you can finally be the woman, wife, mother, employee that you wish you could be- if only you felt your best?

If so, then I invite you to join me in this 1 day virtual workshop!

If this sounds like you...

  • You have to lay down after showering or drying your hair...
  • You have aches and pains you didn't use to have- ALL THE TMIE
  • You could go to sleep right now...
  • Unless its bed time, of course- then you can't sleep at all!
  • You feel like nobody is listening and that you are going crazy- just because you have asked for help
  • You regularly experience gas, bloating, constipation or diarrhea
  • You have been diagnosed with one or more Autoimmune or related disorders (related- like fibromyalgia, dysautonomia, ALS, or Parkinson's)
  • You don't have a diagnosis- but you know this is NOT what healthy feels like!

...then this workshop is DEFINITELY for YOU!!!

90% of your health is controlled by Nutrition, Lifestyle and Environment- only 10% is genetic. This means you get A CHOICE!



 Do you have what it takes to reach your goals? In this module we will be establishing goals and making sure you have the mindset necessary to achieve those goals! Why do some succeed where others fail? Mindset!


With so many healing diets out there, how do you pick the right one for you? And how do you know which one is going to get you to your goals?


What does "lifestyle changes" even mean? What if I hate exercise? What if I am too tired? Like everything, exercise is NOT one sized fits all- it must be customized to the individual. Let's make sure it's getting you where you want to go!


Our health is a 100 piece puzzle. If it was just a one piece puzzle, then we could take a pill and fix it. In the workshop we will lay the foundation and get you started, but what else is out there? And how do I know if they are for me? 


Basic health information that few are getting- which labs need to be ran and addressed FIRST and how do I prioritize my budget when healthcare costs are so expensive?

As a part of each module, we will include multiple opportunities to work with Coach Rebecca and make sure every part is customized to you-- no one sized fits all here!

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5 Class Modules         

3 Live Coaching Opportunites  (with optional VIP Access) 

1 Open Q and A          

1:1 Consult

Bonuses and Discounts

$1460 Value


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$365 Value

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take your body back in 2020 !

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