_mcj30daydetox-3January is a time to start afresh— to rebalance, cleanse, start over, etc.  I’m not a fan of the idea of New Year’s resolutions: mainly because they seem like promises to ourselves to “finally” do all the things we really do not want to do.  Once a year we promise to do these things for the rest of our lives, to become new people (someone we aren’t) instead of just admitting to ourselves the truth: that we are going to do something temporarily in hopes that it changes our direction on our own crazy journey.    For the next 30 days “try on” various changes and ideas that you may or may not incorporate into your “real” life.  I encourage you to try something that sounds good to you (details below) and maybe try out a few other things during the course of the next month. I encourage you to set intentions, not resolutions.  I encourage you to refocus instead of make rules.  And if you decide to join us late, no sweat! The party begins when you say it begins. (No time like the present, eh?)   But before you decide to fast for the next month or something extreme (and that is fine if that is what you decide) let’s ask ourselves one question:  What if we gave ourselves permission to modify, adjust, make mistakes and then try something else until we found out what really worked for us? If we took this time to search and focus on that search and as a result found three or even one thing that really made us feel really good– wouldn’t  you want to keep doing that one or three things?

That is exactly what I am suggesting. I am saying that for 30 days I want you to TRY THINGS.  I am suggesting your focus be on detoxification, which is a very broad subject and try multiple things to see which work for you.  Maybe you do something challenging and you rock it out for 30 days. Or maybe you try something and it doesn’t work and so you modify it or even replace it so that it will work.  Just this simple act of not giving up might revolutionize your entire life: or at least your January. As for February, let’s not decide what we are going to do in February until it is almost February. Just don’t think about it.

Let’s just focus on January as a 30 Day Focus on detoxification, on rebalancing and resetting. So how do we do that? The good news is that we have many choices on how to set things back in balance. If our body is our temple then let’s do some house cleaning!

What you decide to try is up to you but if you are stumped for ideas then here are a few suggestions.

1. Think of some things you have been wanting to try.

A. If you are coming from a SAD (Standard American Diet) then I suggest you go slow.

It is possible and likely you will experience some detoxification symptoms if you do not regularly detoxify but these are temporary and just make you feel tired, possibly achy. Usually some detox baths and rest will ease these symptoms and they will pass in about 3 days.  If you want this to be easy, breezy then I would just focus on getting a ton of vegetables in, detox baths and other support habits and what you can do to reduce your toxic load. A good goal at this stage would be to cut out refined sugar and processed foods and focus on getting 3 cups of leafy greens daily (like Spinach, Romaine, or Arugula) , 3 cups of sulfurous vegetables (like onions, mushrooms, broccoli, cabbage, etc.) and 3 cups of brightly colored fruits and vegetables for a grand total of 9 cups of fruits and vegetables a day.  If you can eat more, then do but if it is too much, then start with one cup from each category and build up until you can get to 9 cups a day or you don’t have any room for junk or sweets. Eat Clean proteins and choose organic foods whenever possible.  For a guide to the vegetables that contain the most and least amount of pesticide residue click here.  That way you can make an educated decision of which vegetables are most important to buy organic.



B. If you are already a clean eater, then I suggest you focus on specific foods that detoxify and crowding out foods that are less nutrient dense.

I suggest things like greens, lots of cruciferous vegetables, onions, mushrooms and maybe add in some juicing to get in extra nutrients and cleansing.  This may be a good time reduce your animal proteins and grains as most of us eat too much animal protein and grains aren’t as nutrient dense as vegetables and fruits.


C. If you are paleo or vegan and already do not eat processed sugar and foods and already have a nutrient dense diet

Then I suggest you adopt some extra detoxing for this month ( or longer ).  Try any of the above that you are not already doing and perhaps introduce things like intermittent fasting, juice fasting (for a day or a month or anywhere in between. Even one day a week is a great break for your body to free it up to get rid of toxins!) or a vegetable only diet for a limited time.  These can be done for a day or two per week or for up to 30 days at a time. You decide what works for you. Taking a break from or reducing meat and other proteins and grains  frees your body up from digesting and allows it to instead remove excess, stored toxins.  Even if you have an impeccable diet, there is always room for some extra detoxing.  None of us are completely free of toxins.  They are everywhere and bombarding us everyday and everywhere.


D. If you have Leaky Gut or have Autoimmune, type 2 diabetes, or any neurological disorder.

You may want to incorporate Bone Broth into your 30 Day Focus on Detox.  This not only has collagen to help heal leaky gut but also contains glycine: an important amino acid for detoxification.  Of course, anyone can include this in with their focus time.

E. No, seriously…. You decide your level..

If you are not excited about my suggestions, feel free to decide your own path.  Maybe you want to do a 30 day juice fast.  Maybe you want to only eat raw for 30 days. Maybe you want to only eat vegetables and fruits for 30 days.  Maybe you want to fast from sunup till sundown.. or maybe you want to try a little of all of the above or a combination of any of it.  You decide.  When I first started detoxing, I tried to do the all vegetables with mostly raw food except at nights.  I made it 3 days. I got back on the horse and did another 3 days. I followed this pattern for 2 weeks and was super proud!  Then I tried a juice fast.  I made it until sundown but saw an improvement so I decided to do it once a week during sunlight hours and this was the level that worked for me and helped me continue to see improvements.  But at the very beginning of my journey, I  started with just 9 cups of vegetables and a little protein and let myself have some rice or oatmeal on Sundays.  By eating all those vegetables, I then had no room for foods that were not nutrient dense.  Whatever you decide to do for your body, I support you. Let’s move forward together!



Photo by Geran de Klerk on Unsplash

2. Now that you have picked something to “try on”, know what you are getting into.

A. If you decide to do something that is extreme for you, then know that it will be hard.


So let it be hard. (ouch!) You may experience detox symptoms (tired, run down, maybe even achy joints) and need to take it easy for the first few days.  You may be hungrier than normal (A juice fast will do this for about 3 days) at first.  Or you may experience some strong emotions (For example, anger can be a sign of a detoxing liver) so make sure you are not surprised and take it easy until you know how your body will act.  Let yourself rest, take baths, self massage, and look for other ways to “self care”.


B.  If you pick something that is not for you, try something else.

There is no shame in trying something else.  For example, if you have diabetes, then juicing may not be the best idea for you.  If you are hypoglycemic, you may need to eat more often or need to have some protein at dinner.  Listen to your body and know the difference between “challenging” and “dangerous”.  Be smart about your choices and if you are not sure if you are doing something that is safe for you, then pick something else or enlist the guidance of a medical professional that is familiar with your medical history.


C. Modify as you go, as needed.

The good news is you can start with one intention and then modify it as you go.  You may decide 3 days in that you want to combine a few things or take the weekend off from one thing and do another level instead.  I used to do MCT Keto during the week but go back to the 9 cups when I traveled because it was easier but still aligned with my goals.  Give it some thought and only do this if it aligns with your goals.  Remember that there is a difference between modifying and getting off track.  Taking the night off to eat pizza is not a modification. Which brings me to my next point.


D. Getting back on track is as easy as your next meal.

If you get off track, make a mistake, or give into temptation then don’t beat yourself up, give up or quit.  You can be back on track as soon as your next meal, juice or snack.  Just get back on the horse.  Change is hard.  I call this a “challenge” for a reason.

Below are some various ways of eating that may also resonate with you.  Check them out to help you decide or make up your own way of eating that aligns with your goals.


  1. 21 day sugar detox – not very extreme, low sugar and reduced carbohydrates
  2. Whole 30 -not very extreme, easy to do
  3. Juice Fast (Anywhere from 1 to 30 days- or longer) more extreme but with huge health benefits- not for every body.
  4. Bone broth fast– particularly useful if you suffer from autoimmune, joint discomfort or leaky gut syndrome.
  5. The Daniel Fast– a vegetarian diet that is based on whole foods
  6. A fruit and vegetable cleanse (Usually done for 2 to 4 weeks) – a period of time where you only eat fruits and vegetables, mostly raw and none or some cooked vegetables.
  7. Traditional fasting – going without food for periods of time, usually a couple of days with water only or for a period of time from sun up to sun down.
  8. Eating Healthy- a lot of people just vow to eat healthy during this time and that is great! Doing this will be easier than a cleanse. It can be supported by focusing on cleansing and detoxifying fruits and vegetables and lifestyle habits that support detoxification.  This is something that is sustainable and can more easily be maintained for a long period of time. Aim for getting 9 cups of vegetables a day: doing this will “crowd out” the less desirable foods and make sure your body is getting what it needs to reduce cravings.

As always, don’t try any extreme diet without medical supervision, especially if you suffer from any health conditions.

As you can see, this 30 Day Reset can look like anything you make it.  The point is that you try and that you do your best.  It is ok to make mistakes, it is ok to modify and it is ok to make adjustments as needed.  Don’t be surprised if your body really likes it.  Detoxing helped clear my skin, made my friend lose weight and gain energy.  She called me and said she ate some junk and her body gave her a clear sign that it did not like junk food anymore (I guess it was getting spoiled by having some nutrition).

So I hope that you will join me in this 30 Day Focus on Detox and Reset, at whatever speed you decide to do this.  Look for my videos, articles and more for ways to support this 30 day Reset including information on detox baths, detoxing vegetables, and other ways we can support detoxification either during a 30 Day Reset or through the entire year.

Good luck and I look forward to hearing how good you feel after! Sign up below or beside to get more articles, recipes, offers and challenges to come.  Feel free to comment below, I’d love to hear  some feedback on how you are doing this month!

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