Traveling on any healing protocol can be challenging and the CEP is no exception. But with the right guidelines, you can heal AND travel.

This last year, I realized I was letting my fear of getting “glutened” hold me back from being the adventurous person I was born.  It was holding me back from living my best life: and I’ve worked so hard to be well enough to do that.
I made a promise to myself that I wasn’t going to let food sensitivities keep me from living- it had taken enough away and it wasn’t gettiing anymore. and there were two big realizations that helped me do that:
Number one:
My belief in a higher power means that I believe that I was made with design and for a purpose.  I don’t believe any part of me was a mistake. I have to believe that this higher power would not put this desire to see foreign lands and cultures inside me, and not provide a way to fulfill that part of myself. I need to have some faith.

Number two: I don’t need fear to keep me safe. 

I have a set of rules and guidelines for that.  The guidelines are boundaries of what I eat and how it is prepared
. I don’t need fear to enact those guidelines. I don’t need fear to be my own advocate and make smart, informed choices. I don’t need fear to speak my truth when a food is not right for me. I can do all this with no fear.

The Guidelines 

Keeping safe and fed on a trip just requires some guidelines to protect you and make sure you don’t go hungry. Preparation is key. For your convenience I have provided some affiliate links. To see my full disclosure policy, click here.

Rule number one: Don’t go anywhere without food. EVER.

First thing is first: Getting there.

Prepare foods ahead of time to bring with you. On your way there, you want to actually have prepared foods. If you jump right into packaged and convenience foods, you will be so sick of them before the weekend is even over. Pack real foods and real moods. Use a soft, foldable cooler and some glass containers or ziplocs to pack foods like wraps and salad and sliced veges and fruits. I pack things like a mason jar of coconut butter with carrots stuck in. I can refill this jar on the way back with things I buy there.

I also pack things like salmon salad wraps  and fresh veggies to snack on. I will also fill a glass container with a salad or leftovers, just like I would bring with me for lunch to work or a picnic. Again, I will refill this on my way back.  I avoid packing fruit or other things I will eat when traveling, because I often get burned out on those; for example, I can get an apple or banana at a gas station or in an airport- but after 3 days of that being my choices, I hate those foods and would fight for a steak and broccoli. So save those foods for emergencies.

Rule number two: always pack way more food than you think you need.

If i am flying or driving, for some reason I always eat more than I do when I am working or any other day. So I pack 3 times as much food. If you don’t you will be hungry. I often pack 2 to 3 meals and 3 snacks. I can buy water on the way there.

When you get there.

Before I go, I always find out what grocery stores are available. Most cities have a Whole foods and for the most part, they carry many of the same things.  But if I am going to a small town, then i have to shop what is available.

For example, I went to a small town in Alabama to work on my book and they only had a Foodland, which is not exactly full of organic produce and allergy friendly, whole food snacks. But I could find canned or packaged seafood with no additives, whole fruit and vegetables and salad. I could also find sea salt and olive oil and fresh meats. If you cannot cook, then the canned seafoods like tuna, salmon, clams or oysters are usable. Tetra packs are better than canned (I am not a fan of canned foods because of toxins) but you have to do what you can.  Foods prepared by the store are not going to be CEP compliant due to cross contamination.

I also always pack emergency food in my suitcase if I cannot bring a cooler of food from home.  For example, when I fly, I cannot bring a large cooler of food with me. But I can pack a few cans or cartons of full fat coconut milk in my carry-on or suitcase. Full fat coconut milk is good for me and also will fill me up if there is nothing else to eat. In a pinch, i can drink it with or without a little honey added. I can heat it in the microwave (in my glass container or mason jar) and it can act as a meal replacement, if necessary.

I also pack in my suitcase some compliant wraps that I can then stuff with lettuce and chicken (from a tetra pack unless I can cook where I am) and make a “sandwich”.  I can put anything inside of this and have a variety of sandwiches during my travels. I take extras for the way back, also.

I also look for things like compliant baby foods, sweet potato chips or plantain chips, coconut chips or other foods while I am there that I can keep with me to have to fill in the gaps. These also make me feel like I am on vacation because I have a few “treats” to make my eating more “vacation-ey”.

For my clients, I also teach them how to eat out safely and how to ask the right questions to keep themselves safe.  Without this training, I would never recommend eating out, as cross-contamination or non-compliant ingredients is almost guaranteed to happen. Until you are trained, I recommend bringing your own food everywhere you go. If you have not been through this training, I recommend staying somewhere that you can cook and handle your own food: For those in Phase 2 of the CEP who are also working with a CEP provider,  they will have guidelines for this as well. For Phase One, simply cooking your own food should suffice in compliance.

Before you leave: For the Way back

Before you go, you will go to the grocery store again and load up on provisions for the way back.  An avocado can be eaten with a plastic knife and spoon. You have fresh fruit that you can wash and eat and you can put inside your mason jar, glass containers, ziplocs and wraps.  I slice raw sweet potatoes or cucumber and other vegetables I would eat raw and  also some fruit if I am not sick of them.   I then pack these things and head off home with them in my foldable cooler.

When I get back, the first thing I do is make a big steak and broccoli. Im usually so loaded up on Coconut chips, Wrapped Sandwiches, Sweet Potato chips, Fruit and other compliant convenience foods, that all I want is my big plate of  Green Veges!

Happy Travels!

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