Yes, you can beat the Epstein Barr Virus.

You generally feel extremely tired. It feels like you have the flu 24/7 (minus the vomiting). It feels like you are dead, and someone just microwaved your body just long enough to knock the chill off your cold, lifeless corpse. You feel like death warmed over. And this is every day. You either have Chronic Fatigue. Or you have a Chronic Virus. Either way: this sucks.

Note to the reader:

I orignally wrote an article in 2017 that gave a detailed outline of my protocol that I used to make my Chronic Virus go dormant and improve my CFS. This enabled me to continue my healing journey and move forward in my life.  But since then, my clinical experience has lead to discoveries, and for that reason, I have removed the original article. I feel it was misleading and while it may have helped people, It left out the important things they needed to know in order to make informed decisions about their health.   These discoveries below have lead me to what causes Epstein Barr to be chronically active in some while others have no symptoms from their dormant version. It has also lead me to help those with the virus in a more comprehensive way than any article is able to do: it lead to the development of the CEP protocol.


Two Similar Theories

In 2017,  I had read that Epstein Barr Virus was a trigger for conditions like Autoimmune and Dysautonomia and other related conditions like fibromyalgia.  And to an extent, I still think that is true. But I also remember that this is theory. A theory that excludes another theory. But what if the two were not mutually exclusive?

Theory one:

(From my original article from February 2017)  “For many POTS and autoimmune patients there is an underlying viral contributing factor or trigger such as Epstein Barr.  There is even allegations that autoimmune is actually a response to the Virus running around in your body. Maybe you have Cytomegalovirus or another viral trigger but since my experience thus far has been with Chronic Active Epstein Barr Virus, or CAEBV, I will only speak to what I know.”

Theory two. (based on my own clinical experience and the countless studies done by others on the genes that lead to chronic illness)

Epstein Barr Virus (and Chronic Fagtigue Syndrome)  is a result of another toxin altogether- one (or sometimes multiple)  that your body cannot get rid of at all. One that it stores and recycles in its failure to expose of this “trash”, as I call it. It simply cannot take out the trash. This trash can also trigger the autoimmune- giving the immune system a war that it can never win- against a toxin it cannot excrete. And as many wars that never end, it starts to plunder.


This happens because we all carry one of a few gene combinations that make us susceptible to chronic conditions like autoimmune and neurological diseases.  

24% of the population has a combination of genes that determine how their bodies respond to a group of toxin types. These toxins are mold, other biotoxins (such as lyme disease), and chemicals. Your medical history can narrow it down from there as to which types of chemicals you should suspect first.

In my clinical experience, I have gene tested everyone I have come across with Epstein Barr.  ALL of them have had a positive gene test to see if they have one of these gene combinations.

yes, all of them.

While I do not think autoimmune or neurological disorders are simple enough to say they are caused by one cause- they are not. They are mosaic diseases- it takes many pieces to paint a picture in a mosaic. You must also have a leaky gut, and it is common to have also nutrient imbalances.  But those with one of these gene combinations have an especially hard time- because to add to leaky gut and the standard American diet’s consequences (inflammation and nutrient deficiencies ) they also have an unusually high toxic load.

This high toxic load, leaky gut (and usually leaky brain- especially with neurological disorders) and this toxic load are a tremendous stress on the body. This stress taxes the brain, the endocrine system (leading to hormonal imbalances), the digestive system and also the immune system. While many think that the immune system is an overactive immune system (usually as a result of a stimulus or toxin that triggers this overactivity), it can also happen or create a suppressed immune system.   The immune system simply has too much work to do. And as a result, it just can’t keep up with the work load.

In fact, the whole body seems to not be able to keep up. And this creates an environment where viruses like the Epstein Barr Virus have a chance to come out to play.  But it’s play is malicious and destructive.

Symptoms of the Epstein Barr Virus. 

If your antibodies are out of range and your fatigue is unbearable, then you have Epstein Barr Virus. You don’t have to have a sore throat, but you may.  You don’t have to have shortness of breath or wake up at 4 am (lung-oclock according to chinese medicine) to be affected, by you may experience this.


There are over 50,000 pub med studies on these gene combinations and the havoc that they wreak in chronic conditions.

When the body is over-whelmed with the toxic load, the sub-optimal diet and also the virus- it creates an environment where the virus becomes stronger than our often suppressed yet erratic immune system and wreaks havoc on our ability to control the immune system or what it decides to attack and how it makes us feel.

Real Talk:

“Let me first say this: you are not alone and you have options. Yes, being sick sucks but we are not helpless. Treating it is not inexpensive, in my opinion, but the alternative is a far worse choice and I believe you are worth the investment.”

We are told that if you have your health, you have everything. Well I don’t know about you, but I want everything. And I am determined to both have everything and to help you get it as well.  I have beaten this multiple times (explained below) so I know it is possible.  I also know its possible to beat it for good.  I encourage you to explore your options and find one that works for you and your body.  I am also going to share the research I have uncovered and what I have not uncovered. As there are several strains of the virus, no one treatment works for every strain.(1)  It is alleged that there are many more strains than have been discovered. (2) But there are some standards that everyone should be implementing that are researched base and scientifically backed.

What is CAEBV?

CAEBV, for short, is part of the herpes simplex group of viruses that include cold sores, genital herpes, shingles, chicken pox and mononucleosis. Like a cold sore virus, EBV doesn’t actually die and leave you with immunity for life as chicken pox would. It stays in the body, hiding until it either does or does not see an opportunity to come out and do its damage, such as when the body is under enough stress so that the virus can thrive.  While 90% of the population carry the virus but only a small percentage have it manifest as Chronic Active Epstein Barr or CAEBV.  For this small percentage it becomes a serious and debilitating problem.  At the advice of my own team of doctors and my own research to explore my options, I have been led to believe that the best course of action is to boost the immune system until it is strong enough to force the virus to go dormant. If you are on immune suppressants, then I am not sure if this is possible.  However, I am no expert on pharmaceutical medications and their limitations. There are also treatments like UV IV therapy.  I interviewed an individual that tried oxygen therapy but she did not have luck with that method.

But there is hope

However, there is some promising research on Monolaurin that shows some promise in beating EBV.  Monolaurin is a supplement. It is hypoallergenic (and CEP compliant) and studies have been done on Monolaurin and its ability to actually reduce the viral load in people. This is why I recommend everyone take it, even if you don’t think it helps.  This does not make it go dormant, which is what it will take to feel better.  Instead, it works over time to actually kill the virus

How it kills the virus. 

EBV is what is called a gram negative virus. This means it has 2 cell walls where a virus that goes away like the flu, only has one.  These are particularly hard to kill and that is why they never die, but stay in your body.  However, in two separate studies on Monolaurin, it showed that the monolaurin was able to puncture the outer cell wall, allowing the immune system a chance to get in and fight against only one cell wall. It basically makes the fight a fair one. The studies were only conducted 6 months and were not carried out until there were no antibodies. And it was not affective for 100% of the people.

However, I theorize the following:  It is a fact that the half life of the virus is 6 to 9 months.  In theory, the studies were not carried out long enough. This means that the antiobodies were just beginning to respond to the death of the virus.  And would only be fully half-way dead at 9 months.  Stopping at 6 didn’t give the body enough time to get half-way dead, much less all the way dead. Currnently, I’m running a self experiment for up to 2 years. I’m boosting my immune system while taking the Monolaurin daily.  I am tracking the antibodies soon to see how 6 months treated them.  I will continue to test them every 6 months for up to 2 years. They should, in theory, be dead by 18 months.

What to do while you wait:

While you wait for the Monolaurin to do its job, you will need some things to make the immune system stronger. Once the gram negative wall is punctured, leaving only one cell wall- the immune system needs to be strong enough to go in and do its job.  This means it is going to need some serious immune support.  You can get expensive IV’s or try a CAEBV protocol (contact me to learn more), but whatever you do will need to be continued on a regular basis until if and when your lab test says you do not have it anymore.  But this is where it becomes complex. The journey is not done there.

After you support the immune system, you still have the damage to clean up. The cause is still there..  And it is still doing damage.

The previous damage from the virus and the toxins that made you susceptible is still there.  And for that you are going to need some help.

Not cleaning up this damage can lead to further complications such as chronic, widespread (and spreading) inflammation and cell dysfunction.  If you also suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), then you will have to address that as well-  which is a result of the damage done by the toxins to the various bodily systems.

Some clients, after I give their body things to boost the immune system, they are still suffering from Chronic Fatigue and other issues.  This is where the CEP comes in.


The CEP is a healing protocol: it involves diet specifically for these gene combinations that is also designed to make every cell in the body thrive- including reversing damage to the body and the brain.  However, it is only about 20% dietary in nature. The rest of the protocol is about 20% functional medicine- used to support the body in healing and in the face of the continual stress of the toxins that are triggering the chronic inflammation.  It then focuses on lifestyle for the other 60%, so that we can lessen the toxic load on these bodies and reduce inflammation while we work to remove the toxin from entering our body, and eventually we go in and remove the toxin from our bodies altogether.  This removal isn’t done until the body is strong enough and until the toxin is no longer a daily threat.

toxins can make you sick, here are ten ways to reduce your exposure

toxins can cause fatigue and more

A little history

I had the virus for 2 to 4 years years and it wasn’t until I was diagnosed with my 2nd autoimmune and had 2 more on the way before anyone thought to look for the virus. As my doctor put it, my antibodies were “through the roof” at that time.  Treating it changed my life.  In fact, it gave me my life back. But after I was feeling very good it was triggered again and this time, I discovered that I was allergic to the previously used cure- due to the gene combination that I mentioned above (these gene combinations also pre-dispose those who have it to a specific pattern of food sensitivities, addressed by the CEP).   Depending on this as a long-term could damage my brain.  It was also likely to drain my wallet and half a day from my schedule each time I utilized this treatment.  I had to find alternatives.  This last bout was worse than before, and I was forced to quit my job because I couldn’t hide how sick I felt nor do my job.

First let me tell you what the first “cure” was.  My integrative doctor put me on Vitamin C IV for 6 weeks. It was very effective but took a while and was between 150 and 180 dollars each treatment.  And it only worked until the virus became active again.  If this is an option, I do suggest it as a support treatment.  Pros: it works and is very high dose. Cons: it can be costly to some, takes half a day, has to be done weekly when the virus is active, and you will need maintenance doses or have to re-treat when you relapse.

After that, I searched everywhere. I searched PubMed, I read books from self-proclaimed pyschics, I even started spritual and emotional healing just to feel empowered and to have some type of action that I could take to control this virus. And I learned a lot on the way. I was able to put both my CAEBV and my CFS in to remission.  And then I was able to start helping others do the same.

When I developed the CEP, I made it so that I could customize it for the individual, based on the genes in the gene combinations and the medical history of each person. I built in flexibility to be able to blend it with “sister protocols” and targeted treatments for that person’s different diagnoses, such as a CAEBV protocol or a Dysautonomia, depression, anxiety, thyroid, hormone imbalances, for anything that made their case unique.

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