What is CEP?

What does CEP stand for?

Well, to be honest.. it doesn’t stand for anything.

It originally stood for something, but that was when I was only using it on one type of case. Not realizing that all the cases that I was attracting all had common genetics. I won’t tell the original name because it is misleading and may confuse someone into thinking this program is not for them- when in fact, it is for them! I fear that using the full name will keep people from getting the help they need. And so….it doesn’t stand for anything. But to be honest, I couldn’t think of a better name so I left it. (Not an exciting answer- but its the truth:)

What is CEP?

The first answer I tell people is that it is a diet, lifestyle and functional health protocol that is based​​​​ on the genomics of chronic illness. It is designed for 24% of the population that carries one of a handful of gene combinations that make them susceptible to certain disease causing stimuli and malfunctions of related bodily systems.

But for some reason, people think I have some great answer beyond that- but the long answer takes me about 8 months to communicate.

And since every person’s journey is unique to them- there is not a really good answer for this beyond the short answer.
​I can tell you that every case is different.

And I can also tell you that they all share things in common on lab tests.

But that would not answer the question either.

All I can tell you beyond this is that the journey is divided into four phases:

  1. Phase one: Foundations- we prepare the body to be able to heal
  2. Phase two: Introductions: we introduce some of the tools we will need to heal
  3. Phase three: Targeted protocols and nutrition – this is different for every case
  4. Phase four: Putting it all back together- here we tweak things and reintroduce foods and prepare for the next phase after the program.

So that was the long answer- but honestly, I feel like the short answer was better. I think that one reason it is hard to understand is that most protocols are one-dimensional. They are a diet or they are a series of medical procedures, or they are a type of exercise. But the CEP is all of those things- and much more. I have worked hard to make sure that the protocol addresses all facets of healing, and also has room to incorporate more. it even includes other protocols (we call these “sister-protocols”.)

To really understand what makes the CEP

I recommend reading MyCrazyJourney: The CEP Survival Guide– Available to my newsletter and waiting list at the end of 2018, To get on the waiting list- click here.​​​​​

This book will give an overview of a typical protocol​ and the four phases of the protocol- revealing generally what each would focus on and look like.

This advanced digital copy will only be available to those receiving the Take Your Body Back newsletter.

How do I know if the CEP protocol is right for me?

To put it simply, if you have an autoimmune and/or neurological disorder, you are good candidate for the CEP protocol. Taking a genetic test and having an interview would confirm this suspicion. To give you an idea of how many are good candidates; of all the people I have ever tested every single one came back positive. No negative tests. However, you must remember that I do not test those who I do not suspect. I also only work with those with Autoimmune and Neurological Disorders.

Can you use the genomic test from 23 and Me to see if I have these genomics?

No, unfortunately companies such as this and other similar ones do not test for the genes I am specifically looking at. I am looking at specific genes that tell me how the innate immune system (the one we are born with) react to its environment and specific foods and will help me narrow down the cause of your ​​​health issues. We have tried to get the information off these types of tests in the past and failed- it was not available from the results.

I hope that this helps a little with some of your questions; the best way to know more is to dive in- ask questions in the facebook group, watch the videos and webinars, and follow me on social media (links below) to find out more specifics and more details.

Or book a design package with me through our sister company- BringingSozo (this is where I do all one on one coaching). A​​​​ design package involves two visits- one is an interview getting to know you and your history. The second one is sitting down and coming up with an action plan. It won’t tell you how to do it- but it will give you an idea of what we do. If you decide that you want to work with me and learn how to do it, then you will have to apply for acceptance into one of our programs. Not everyone is accepted- we only take the cases we feel will be successful. We don’t want to waste time or money- mine or yours.

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