Wondering if there is more you can do to improve your MS?

With a Wahls Protocol Provider,  You can take your body back from Multiple Sclerosis

Food is Medicine. And using nutrition and lifestyle, IHCS can help you take back what is yours- your body and your life.

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  • Do you experienced symptoms like nerve damage, shortness of breath (ms hug), tingling and numbness, digestive upset, dizziness or vertigo, and muscle spasms or unusual pain?
  • With over 100 possible symptoms - a lot can go wrong. And if you have lived or are living it - then you already know what some of those things are.
  • Real support from our expert clinical director who has been where you are. She has walked the walk.
  • IHCS is the first team of health coaches who specialize in Autoimmune and Neurological Disorders and the first certified Wahls Practitioner in both the states of Michigan and Alabama.
  • Utilizing science-backed healing protocols like the Wahls Protocol, IHCS caters and alters each program specifically for your needs.
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    The Wahls Protocol has helped 1000's improve their MS and related disorders- starting with Dr. Terry Wahls herself and our clinical director, Rebecca Mills-Anderson
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Watch this video from Dr. Terry Wahls to see what is possible for those willing to change their diet and lifestyle!

Take Your Body (and your life) Back from Multiple Sclerosis so you can finally get rid of fatigue, brain fog, achy joints, poor digestion, and all those symptoms that are too many to list - once and for all!

"Using Wahls Protocol Principles to Take Your ​
Body Back from Multiple Sclerosis"


Still Need More? Listen to this personal testimony from our clinical director, Rebecca Mills-Anderson.

Diagnosed with over ten Autoimmune and Neurological Disorders,  Rebecca was searching for a way to heal her body when medications and conventional medicine failed.

Watch the video and listen to how Jadie is fighting her auto-immune disease and taking her body back with MyCrazyJourney's help.

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