Meet The Team

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Founder Integrative Health Coaching Services

Rebecca Mills-Anderson

HI, I’m Rebecca. The founder of Integrative Health Coaching Services and creator of the CEP Protocol.

I am a Certified Health Coach and Thyroid, Autoimmune, Neurological and Environmental Illness Specialist. I help people like you Take Your Body Back from complex health conditions using laboratory testing and science- based targeted nutritional and lifestyle change.

My mission is to teach people like you  to take your body back from chronic conditions like Thyroid, Cogntive Decline, Autoimmune and Neurological Disorders, and from widespread inflammatory disorders like CIRS.

This mission started with my own healing journey that led me to reversing over 10 Autoimmune  Neurological Disorders.  This empowerment gave me the passion to start helping others with similar health struggles and encouraged me to achieve the education to ensure I was giving them the best support in their own healing journey.  You can browse more about my professional education here and my personal story of recovery here..

As a result of my own healing I am able to enjoy hiking, swimming, strength training, running and yoga again.  I have a wonderful husband who is very supportive of my passion for helping others and being healthy. I am six foot tall and have a small dog named Cindy Lou Who (like in Dr. Seuss).


Marci Talley

This fiery woman is no stranger to the healing and Autoimmune world. This  single mother is the type who would be begging you to let her help you even if you told her she couldn’t (kidding… mostly).  I swear if I ever tried to cut the team, she would show up anyway.  She has a passion for helping others and is quick to jump in and help with anything she can.  She has her own healing story and while brand new to the company, is quickly making her name known for being a motivated and self-proclaimed researcher and science nerd (that is a  high compliment at Integrative Health Coaching Services). Watch this one, she is going places. (hopefully its just to her next position- or three- here at Integrative Health Coaching Services!) Be looking for her guest articles here in addition to her help behind the scenes here at Integrative Health Coaching Services.  Marci  lives in Georgia and went to Auburn University in Alabama.

Kim Hurst, Health Coach

Kim is the newest addition to the team and is a health coach with long  career in nursing to add to her impressive and capable resume. She has a long history as a lactation specialist, is a wife and mother of two and is so passionate about helping those around her. She has a heart for the “average joe”, the next door neighbor and the man and woman down the street.  Her specialty is preventative health and she is a great addition at Integrative Health Coaching Services and helping people like you create lasting health changes that support health and longevity.  She sees clients for Integrative Health Coaching Services and also takes her own clients in her small home town of Anniston, Alabama.

Kellie Tortorich

Mother, Wife, Coach, Recipe Developer, Co-author, Retreat Hostess, Autoimmune Paleo warrior and the expert on breastfeeding on a healing diet- we are proud to announce our newest team member and coach to the team.