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Fried Chicken Poppers (CEP, AIP, Paleo)

These gluten free, grain free, real food fried chicken poppers are crispy, tender, and golden brown! They will disappear in a matter of seconds so don't forget to breathe! I like chicken but I LOOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEE fried chicken. Who can blame a girl or really anyone...

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AIP/CEP Pork and Pesto Pizza

Pizza can fit into a healing lifestyle, and this recipe is just what you need to bring a little fun and nostaliga into your kitchen! Are you onn an elimination diet? Are you trying to heal yourself through real food? Guess what?  You can still eat pizza. YES. You can...

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An AIP/CEP Super Bowl Appetizer Round-up

7 Layer dip, chicken poppers, and pizza....OH MY! These CEP, AIP, and Paleo recipes are great options to take to your superbowl party or make for yourself and/or small group to quietly watch at home! Growing up I was never really that interested in watching...

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Kale Pesto (CEP,AIP, Paleo, Whole 30)

This kale pesto is a great way to make eating veggies fun for kids! Use it as a sauce over zoodles, as a dip, or pour it over roasted veggies! It is dairy and nut free, packed with nutrients AND toddler approved! Kale. We all know that kale is the ultimate superfood...

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