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Taking down Epstein Barr Virus II. (new developments)

Yes, you can beat the Epstein Barr Virus. You generally feel extremely tired. It feels like you have the flu 24/7 (minus the vomiting). It feels like you are dead, and someone just microwaved your body just long enough to knock the chill off your cold, lifeless...

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The CEP travel guide

Traveling on any healing protocol can be challenging and the CEP is no exception. But with the right guidelines, you can heal AND travel.   This last year, I realized I was letting my fear of getting "glutened" hold me back from being the adventurous person I was...

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Why do I Keep Losing Foods? A guide to food sensitivities

The good news is that many food sensitivities can be reversed. However, some cannot. I once had a client who came to me after one of the most famous healing elimination diets. She just couldn't seem to reintroduce foods successfully. Food sensitivities happen for the...

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When To Seek Help For Your Leaky Gut

I know people who have been healing their gut for years.  And granted, some things do take years to heal: like extensive damage to the intestinal track.  But if you are still having symptoms of leaky gut after 6 months of a diy gut healing diet, then you may need to...

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Change Your Breathing, Change Your Health

When we are born, we breathe perfectly. If you have children, you may have watched them sleep and noticed how their soft bellies expand when they breathe in and then fall as they breathe out. But if you were to observe your own breath, then you may see something very...

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