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Kale Pesto (CEP,AIP, Paleo, Whole 30)

This kale pesto is a great way to make eating veggies fun for kids! Use it as a sauce over zoodles, as a dip, or pour it over roasted veggies! It is dairy and nut free, packed with nutrients AND toddler approved! Kale. We all know that kale is the ultimate superfood...

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Chewy Holiday Ginger Cookies (CEP, AIP, Paleo)

These cookies can come together in no time for a perfect, chewy spiced holiday treat that the entire family will love! I am on a mission. A mission to re-create all of my favorite childhood recipes and these ginger cookies were at the top of my list! Why you ask? Well...

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A CEP Baking Guide

When beginning an elimination diet there are a lot of foods you will miss especially home baked treats! I have put together a guide to baking in the elimination phase of the CEP protocol. Listed below are the ingredients that I use in my baking recipes so you can...

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Tigernut Waffles (CEP, AIP, Paleo)

This classic childhood breakfast staple is given an allergen friendly  makeover! It is fluffy, it is crisp, it is inherently delicious! Husband and toddler approved! Waffles. A classic, homey, and nostalgic breakfast staple for most. They are inherently delicious and...

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