If you would like to apply for acceptance into a one-on-one coaching program, please call the office at 864-436-6870 and let our staff know that you are applying for care.

Our staff is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to qualify you for a 15 Minute Discover Call with our Clinical Director, Rebecca Mills-Anderson, BA, BS, CHHC.

If you qualify for this evaluation call, then they will be able to make an appointment for you immediately within the next week.

About the 15 Minute Discovery Call:
This 15 minute discovery call is a way for our clinical director to get a brief overview of your current health status and to determine the answer to the question “can IHCS help this person with their health?”. If she determines that your health matter is something she can help with, then she will invite you to a longer, 1 hour Free Video Consultation within the following week.

About the 1 hour Free Video Consultation
This Video Consultation is by invitation only. The goal of this appointment is to gather more detailed information about your current health situation and to establish goals for a healing journey. This will help our clinical director begin to determine what is going to take for you to reach your goals.