I’ve been on a fat bomb kick, as I explained in my last recipe/article on Fat Bomb Blondies.  I had tried to make these, unsuccessfully in the past but now have figured out a secret: don’t melt the coconut oil. Place all the ingredients in the food processor at room temperature and let the processor do all the mixing. Super simple. This was the results: Salted Peppermint Fudge Fat Bombs.

fat bomb salted fudge

You could totally sub the peppermint with orange, ginger or any edible essential oil that you think would taste good in this.. so before you get too excited about all the flavors, here is the recipe

1 cup coconut oil, room temperature

1/2 cup plain cocoa

2 drops essential oil of peppermint

1 literal pinch of himilayan sea salt (plus a sprinkle for the top)

1 tablespoons of maple syrup.

Blend the ingredients completely in a food processor until you have a frosting like texture and ingredients are fully blended. Poor batter into a small dish (does best if lined with parchment paper, but not necessary). Place in fridge and after about 30 minutes, pull them out and slice into servings.  Place back in the fridge until they are fully firm.

Makes 6 generous squares.

This recipe could also be used to ice a cake if used immediately (before placing in fridge) or put in coffee or other hot blender drink to frappe into a “mocha” (think bulletproof mocha).

Best idea yet: Make the paleo fat bomb brownies from grassfed girl and top with this recipe as the icing. Yup. That. Just. Happened. (photos probably coming soon).

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