These roasted carrots are packed with spring flavors and make the perfect simple real food side dish that can be ready in no time! They are subtly sweet, sour, and elevated by some time in the oven! You and your family will love them! 

Since spring is vastly approaching carrots are in season and plentiful, so they are making a continuing appearance on my dinner table in all sorts of ways! I also needed a break from sweet potatoes. I know. Blasphemy. BUT… son loves carrots and loves just about anything roasted.

Roasting vegetables has become somewhat second nature to me over the years. It has become a big part of my morning routine at the beginning of the week. I find it to be very therapeutic. I love to put on some music while my son is playing peacefully by himself and chop up some of my favorite veggies, toss them with some simples herbs, acid, fat, and stick them in the oven for a short period and then… have a delicious side dish that basically did all the work for you! If you haven’t caught on yet I like simple, non-time consuming recipes that taste great.

This recipe is no different. Very straight-forward. Very flavorful.

Ok. Now let me tell you about these carrots.

I used organic baby rainbow carrots.

What happens to a baby carrot when you stick in the oven for a while?

Its gets all browned and carmelized and crunchy and delicious! 

Roasting the carrots help bring out their natural sweetness and the addition of dill and grapefruit is the perfect compliment to the carrot. 

Serve these beauties as a robust side dish with any meal or throw them on a salad with micro greens and a creamy avocado dressing! Whatever you choose… 

Bake them. Eat them. Enjoy them!

Roasted Baby Carrots with Dill and Grapefruit

Prep Time  -  Cook Time  -  Total Time

   10 min         25 min            35 min      

Serves 4


1 lb baby rainbow carrots sliced in half  (I used Les Petites Raibow Carrots from Trader Joes)

1 Tbsp. extra virgin olive oil 

1 tsp. sea salt 

2 Tbsp. grapefruit zest 

2 Tbsp. fresh dill chopped 

1/2 grapefruit juiced 

fresh dill for garnish 


1. Preheat the oven to 425 degrees F.

2. Toss the sliced baby carrots in olive oil, salt, grapefruit zest, and dill and place them  on a roasting sheet lined with parchment paper. 

3. Roast them on the middle rack for 25 min. Depending on how hot your oven gets you may need more or less time. I roasted them until they were nice and browned on top. You could even broil them for a few minutes. 

4. Once they are out of the oven, squeeze some grapefruit juice on them and sprinkle with some more fresh dill and serve! 


Kellie is a wife, mamma, health coach, and recipe developer for MyCrazyJourney. Celiac disease, digestive issues and a plethora of food intolerances led her to AIP in 2014 and the CEP in 2017. She and her family have since adopted a modified version of these templates. Her goal is to inspire others to take their health into their own hands by cooking foods that are creative, fun, and contributive to health and wellness. Kellie's background is in art and education, but she has always had a passion for food and it's powerful healing properties. Many of her creations are inspired by her experiences and designed to be enjoyed by the entire family! You can find Kellie here at MyCrazyJourney writing guest posts and on Instagram.