leaky gutHealing Leaky Gut is the buzzword in the functional medicine world and for good reason.  If you are wondering if you have leaky gut,  here is an article that will help you find if you are having symptoms. But if you are new to a healing journey and have not alredy healed your gut, then you have leaky gut.  Leaky gut syndrome is a root cause to almost all chronic illnesses including Autoimmune and Neurological diseases and also CIRS.  for more specific and exact testng, please see a functional medicine doctor or ask your health coach for a resource for what types and where to get detailed testing.  Both are good places to get help for healing your gut and your healing journey.  If you decide to do it on your own, then I will do my best to provide you with the best information and resources available to me as well as the tools used in my own journey to wellness. But if you get stuck, then this article will help you to know when to enlist professional help.  Below I may use affiliate links for your convenience. For my full disclosure policy, click here.

What is leaky gut?

To put it simply an shortly- Leaky gut is when things like food and fungus and other factors cause microscopic yet permeable holes in the lining of your intestines and then particles of those undigested foods and fungus and bacteria enter the blood stream where they do not belong. This can lead to inflammation and food sensitivities, as well as Autoimmune and Neurological disorders.

How long will it take to heal?

There is no one answer for any body. Every body is different but I can give you a range of about 3 months to a year for an average length of time to heal your gut.  With the help of a qualified professional, you should be able to complete this in about 3 months providing there are no roadblocks such as gut infections.  It will go faster with supplements and faster with the right supplements (for you).  Some have additional issues complicating their gut health (such as parasites, candida, dysbiosis, sibo, toxicity and more) and their healing journey.  For the sake of this article we will only cover the leaky gut portion of gut health.

Where do I start?

To put it simply, you need to do the following things:

  • remove the harmful or aggravating components of your life (some refer to this as “weeding” as in “weeding out the bad”)
    • stress- it damages the cell walls and reduces hydrochloric acid which then contributes to leaky gut syndrome.
    • poor food choices
      • gluten
      • grains
      • processed foods
      • gmo’s
      • refined sugar
      • alcohol
      • antibiotics (using them for viruses or acne would be considered unnecessary uses of antibiotics and destroy gut health by destroying good bacteria in the gut)
      • over the counter and prescription drugs- natural and beneficial alternatives provide relief without harming your body, which common over the counter drugs and prescriptions do more than they don’t.  The natural ones, based on herbs or by use of homeopathics, not only address the problem but usually offer additional benefits.  Using turmeric for pain relief is a perfect example, as it detoxifies, heals the body and provides antioxidants as well as reduces inflammation.
    • bad bacteria, fungus or parasites
  • put in the good components ( some refer to this as “feeding” and “seeding”.  I have included some affiliate links to help you locate some of these items, where applicable.
    • introduce good bacteria
      • probiotics and fermented foods, a variety
    • feed the good bacteria
      • prebiotics such as leeks, bananas, and resistant starches
    • eat foods that discourage the bad bacteria, fungus and parasites
      • coconut oil
      • garlic
      • onions
      • ginger
      • turmeric
  • heal the organs
    • this may mean detoxifying the liver and GI tract
    • healing the intestines
      • bone broth- this differs from standard broth or stock. It is made from the bones to extract their minerals, collagen and marrow.  The collagen is very important for healing the intestinal lining
      • gelatin
      • collagen
      • colostrum
      • glutamine
      • balancing good and bad bacteria
    • Healing herbs and supplements
      • garlic
      • coconut oil
      • sulphurous vegetables
      • ginger
      • aloe
      • probiotics- rotate your probiotics to get a variety of good bacteria strains.  Do not depend on yogurt as it provides only one strain when a healthy gut has billions.

Sound overwhelming or complicated? Enlisting the help of someone who can break it down for you into bite sized steps and make sure you are doing the right things to move forward on your healing journey may be exactly what you need to be successful. Gut healing programs are very affordable and an integral part of healing from chronic illnesses such as CIRS, Autoimmune and Neurological Disorders.  To see if you qualify for a free consult, you can contact me directly. Appointments are able to be conducted by video and testing and supplements available to anyone in the United States. If you are outside of the United States, I can help advise you on where to find access to these to help us in our journey.

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