I want to talk to you about GRAVY. A friend of mine and I were talking not too long ago and somehow we got to talking about how delicious this simple food is to our families.  Her toddler will eat Brussel sprouts (which is amazing by itself) but she made this happen because she serves them with gravy.

Gravy that counts as a vegetable, heals the gut and has no flour. (and tastes amazing!)

Wait.. what?! I tried it and yes, it is rather yummy.  However, some of us do not eat gravy and would not feel good using gravy at every meal just to get our kid to eat his vegetables.. because it would take EVERY MEAL to get any nutrition into our child (not all of us have toddlers who love Brussel sprouts).  Some of us have cut it out of the menu because it is filled with flour, carbs, “bad fats” and causes havoc in our bodies.. but what if I could tell you that you can have as much delicious gravy as you want with no “bad” ingredients, no flour, and yet have TONS of flavor! And what if that same delicious gravy also counted as a vegetable and was gut healing and detoxifying? (What?! YES! it is true!) When I discovered this secret way to (re)make gravy, I decided I was never going to use any type of flour in my gravy EVER AGAIN because my house actually prefers the delicious sauce of the gods to be this “new” way. Get your sea salt ready, ladies!


  • Bone or Vegetable Broth

    •  Vegetable broth could be subbed by I have not tried this myself. If you are going to do a vegetarian version, then I would use both mushrooms and onions in my gravy.
  • Cauliflower

  • Sea Salt

  • Black Pepper- optional

  • Onions or Leeks- optional

  • Meat of your choice- also optional

    • If you are not using meat then I would use lots of onions and mushrooms to get a good flavor
    • I often use ground beef patties and make Salisbury Steak but you could just as easily use chicken or pork.


  • Take whatever meat you are eating and brown it in a pan on medium or a bit higher temperature.

  • Do not cook it all the way. Just brown the outside of the meat. If you do not eat meat, then your flavor will come from the onions instead.
  • Remove the meat  as soon as it is browned but before it is cooked in the middle.

    • It should still be raw, essentially. (cooking it in the gravy will improve the taste of the gravy, but first you have to make the gravy)
    • I have made this gravy without cooking meat in the same pan first and it was still delicious.  So if you want to cook the meat separately or have a meatless meal, this step can be skipped with no major effect on the flavor.
  • Add the bone broth- the more you add, the more gravy it will make. I used a pint of broth for 2 people.

  • add the cauliflower and simmer until the cauliflower is tender.

  • blend.

    • If the liquid is deep enough, you can use a hand-stick blender but since mine was only enough for two people, I poured mine into a blender and liquefied it.  The next time I made it, I made sure to put it into a sauce pan so I could use a hand stick blender without making double the amount we needed (it was only enough for 2 people).
    • note: If using the blender, remember that hot liquids added to a blender expand so make sure that the ingredients have room to expand.  I left space for hot air to escape and started on low and then gradually increased the speed to the “liquefy” setting to prevent a liquid explosion (experience talking:)
  • Add the mixture back to the cast iron pan.

  • add sea salt to taste and pepper if you are using black pepper.

  • Add the meat back to the pan to finish cooking in the gravy.

  • Slice onions into thin rings and fill up the pan with as many onions as you like.

    • I love onions so I added approximately a cup and a half.  I have also added chopped celery and fresh herbs.
  • Cover and simmer until the meat is done.

    • The amount of time will vary depending on the meat.  I was using ground beef patties so mine took approximately 20 minutes on medium low. The second time I made this, we were just thawing out some leftover turkey that was pre-cooked and warming in the toaster over (quick meal!) so we were able to skip this altogether.
bone broth gravy with no flour, low carb and gut healing

My meatless gravy blended with a hand stick blender, before added onions and herbs

The benefits of this gravy is that it counts as a vegetable, it is gut healing, and detoxifying! Now that is a recipe that I can feel great about indulging in regularly. Maybe I’ll have gravy on my Brussel sprouts too!?

comfort food makeover- gravy made healthy- no flour

My complete comfort meal. Tureky and gravy with onions with carrots and collard greens.

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