So I actually created this recipe the same time that I made the Lemon Tarragon Cauliflower Rice (coming next week) and it was such a flavor explosion in my mouth that I immediately had to write it down and get ready to post this for you! It was super simple and satisfied my craving for Asian foods that I will always have. If you are yeast free, soy free then you know exactly what I mean about missing Asian foods (unless you don’t like Asian food, of course).  This is definitely a keeper recipe and also very affordable as my local Sprouts grocery often has wild caught tuna steaks on sale. I don’t buy them very often because of the concern for both overfishing and mercury exposure but they sure were a treat for a delightful weeknight meal.  Here are the easy instructions:

2 tuna steaks (wild caught is best for nutritional content), taken out previously so that they will reach room temperature by the time you are ready to cook them.  Room temperature usually takes about an hour from the time you remove the steaks from the fridge until you are ready to cook them.  This will ensure they cook properly.

About 1 and 1/2 inch section of fresh ginger, grated over both steaks on both sides with a zester

2 cloves of garlic, also grated over both sides of the tuna steaks

a pinch or 2 of sea salt– you just want a sprinkle over the steaks. Go lightly because the other ingredients will give this PLENTY of flavor.

Wasabi Powder– about 1/4 teaspoon for both steaks is plenty. If you are not sure of this and the spicy bite it may provide, then feel free to use less. Just give a light sprinkle to both sides of the steaks. I use a washabi powder that I purchased from an asian market that had no other ingredients. If you try to use a wasabi paste then you will have other ingredients that are not paleo, AIP or Wahl’s compliant.

The juice of one lemon– I used this because of its complimentary flavor combined with the ginger and garlic and it’s ability to “marry” the flavors.  I just squeezed enough of the lemon to have a bit of liquid in the pan with the fish and add some brightness to the flavors. It is up to you if you want to use one whole lemon or one half instead.

I also used some Spectrum Brand Palm Shortening for cooking in my Cast Iron Pan.  I chose this because of its healthy fat profile and it not having a flavor to interfere with my fish.


Cover the Fish with the Garlic, Wasabi, Salt, Ginger, and lemon juice and set Aside. Let it marinate while you prepare your other sides, like the Asian Cauliflower Rice Pilaf recipe here.   Note: Do not let it marinate overnight or it will just lose flavor. It is best to prepare and cook within the hour.

Heat the oil over Medium High Heat.  If it starts to smoke then turn it down a notch but you want it pretty hot to create a “crust” on the fish and get a good sear.  Cook for about 2 to four minutes on each side depending on preference, covering with a lid to get some of the warmth to the inside of the fish.

When the fish is cooked to your liking, you may choose to let it “rest” for a few minutes so that it is more cooked in the center or eat immediately if you prefer it more rare in the center.  I do not suggest eating it cooked more than medium. You want some pink in the middle or you won’t get the same flavor that makes eating a Tuna Steak worth so much more than just seasoning a can of the same fish.  It should be a completely different experience.

I suggest this served with some sliced avocado, some salad and some Cauliflower Rice.

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Happy Eating!

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