(Frequently Asked Questions)

How much does it cost?

Our programs are truly customized and we always offer options. There is no way we can quote a price until we know what you need, what your goals are and what you can afford. We will design the program to match those parameters. During our application process, we take our time to make sure we establish all of those things- by getting a full health history and making sure we understand what makes you and your health different from everyone else. We listen carefully and make sure we understand your goals and how you would like to get there and what is important to you. Then we come up with choices based on what you have told us, and then sit down with you again and make sure our plan is the right one for you. We make sure you have multiple choices and then together we will decide which choice is the best one for you. We will create a program just for you and have no problem helping people who really want help gain access to care regardless of their budget.

Do you take Insurance?

We allow insurance to cover anything we can get it to cover. However, until we have a full health history and know what your goals are and what it will take to get there, we cannot say what it will and will not cover. Also, every insurance is different. We will be able to answer this more fully after we come up with a plan based on your goals and needs. We will apply it everywhere we can. Your insurance has final say on what it does and does not cover.

Do you take FSA or HSA?

We allow FSA or HSA  to cover anything we can get it to cover. However, until we have a full health history and know what your goals are and what it will take to get there, we cannot say what it will and will not cover. We will be able to answer this more fully after we come up with a plan based on your goals and needs. We will apply it everywhere we can. We will help you figure this out when we know what you want.  Of course, each person's HSA or FSA is subject to individual guidelines

Do you work with everyone who applies?

No. Approximately 2/3 of those who apply will not be accepted into care. We are only looking to work with those who are ready to change their diet and lifestyle and who are willing to take labs and supplements to optimize those labs. We only work with those who are willing to make their health a #1 priority. If these requirements are not met, then the applicant does not qualify to work with IHCS. However, if you are looking or traditional health coaching, we will be happy to refer you.

What makes this different than what I am doing with my doctor?

First of all, we want to make sure it is clear that coaches are not doctors. We do not treat, diagnose or cure any disease. We do not practice medicine. We do not prescribe, perform surgery or perform chiropractic, osteopathic manipulations, IV therapy or make medical recommendations. 

We do make recommendations for nutrition and lifestyle changes and are trained in research based nutrition and lifestyle protocols that are used to optimize health and that reflect on lab results. We take a very hands-on approach to supporting our clients in their healing journey and hold your hand through every step of the protocols, making sure you understand and execute each step correctly and have emotional support through the associated challenges. We also help you find solutions to roadblocks.  We meet with our clients every week at the beginning of the program when they need our support the most and less when they need our support less. We do not have one set of actions for each person, because each person is different biologically and emotionally.  We believe it takes a team to reach any health goal and refer to other health professionals when there is a need for a treatment outside of our scope of practice to complement the changes we are helping you create at home.

Where as a doctor may or may not hand you a pre-made handout for some dietary tips on one of your appointments, their main focus is making sure you get the medical treatments you need-such as the correct medication, surgeon or IV therapy. Alternatively, IIHCS main focus is using nutrition and lifestyle as tools to create optimum health. Secondarily, we help you make informed decisions for your healing and help you become the expert on your own body. HCS will custom blend dietary and lifestyle techniques for the individual and make sure you understand these tips, execute them correctly, avoid common mistakes and find solutions when the instructions are challenging or not appropriate for your body. We make sure you get it right and that is customized for YOU. 

A doctor generally does not have a lot of time to spend with each client and has an average of 1500 to 2500 patients and sees anywhere from 11 to 60 patients per day. IHCS sees no more than 18 clients per week. We spend on average an hour at each appointment with our clients. This allows us to truly discuss and address a person's needs and answer questions. It also allows us to explain and check progress in more detail and catch misunderstandings or mistakes before they create a misdirection in a healing journey.

Will I get these results on my own?

Most will not. Is it possible? Of course. In our experience, to get the same results on your own will cost you more money, take more time and only be possible for those with in the top 2% of intelligence with a very specific set of skills. It also takes a lot of time, research and focus. Those with children and full time jobs will be at an added disadvantage, as these take time, focus and energy away from a healing journey. We do not recommend it for most. 

Can I book an appointment with the clinical director if I am not interested in working with IHCS in a Take Your Body Back Program?

Our clinical director is available for corporate and individual consulting outside of her work with Individuals in our Take Your Body Back Programs. Please contact our office for more information by emailing Sarah Stafford at info@integrativehealthcoachingservices.com. Please use the subject line "consulting inquiry" for a faster response.

How much is a discovery call?

Our Discovery calls are complimentary for those who qualify. No charges will ever be charged without prior notification.

Can I afford IHCS's services?

Most people can afford our services. We customize the program to your needs, which includes making the cost of working with us fit into a budget that works for you. 

What is the CEP Protocol?

The CEP Protocol is our signature protocol. It is based upon the genetics found in over 90% of chronic Autoimmune and Neurological Disorders. It was created based on these genetics and how the genes respond to specific patterns of food and their proteins' interaction with the immune system and the inflammatory response. These genes, combined with the health history, enable us to cater our consulting to the individual's needs and goals. These genes also help us to support the client by helping them make informed decisions towards environmental contributors to disease. The CEP was created to be customized and is fully blendable with other healing protocols for targeted nutritional goals. The CEP elimination diet is a small portion of the CEP Protocol and uses an elimination diet to reduce inflammation and help identify food sensitivities in those who are genetically prone to have an inflammatory response to this pattern of foods and their proteins. 

Are you doctors?

We are not doctors. This is a health clinic but this is not a medical clinic. We are offering health, not medicine. We offer health, nutrition and lifestyle coaching and consulting through a functional medicine coaching model. We help you accomplish what you and your doctor cannot accomplish alone. We do not treat, diagnose or cure. We do make recommendations to guide, teach and lead you towards optimizing your labs, nutrition and lifestyle. We believe that when this is done 100% and you become the expert on your own body that you can heal yourself and your body will heal itself in most cases.