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One Friday a month I will be live in our Facebook group to answer questions, give feedback and support to those seeking help with Thyroid, Chronic Fatigue, Cognitive Decline and Mold Illness.

This Summer our focus is on Thyroid: because so many are suffering with symptoms related to thyroid such as fatigue, poor digestion, sleep disturbance, inflammation, brain fog and more.

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Summer One Day Intensive Workshop $297- Limited Space Available

When Diet and Exercise is Not Enough

Have you have tried every diet and exercise program out there and are still suffering from 

  • fatigue, 
  • inflammation,
  • brain fog,
  • excess weight 

but your doctor tells you everything is fine and you just need to eat less and exercise even more?

Come join me for this one day Intensive Workshop where I am going to help you figure out what your doctor and you have been missing and give you the diet and lifestyle basics to help you FINALLY get the health results you want-

At the end of this workshop you will have actionable steps you can do to start   

  • waking up feeling refreshed
  • being more active with your family- and enjoy it, too!
  • being the employee you wish you wanted to be
  • being the wife and mother you feel guilty about not being because you are too tired at the end of every day

And you will be able to start working towards these things immediately without drugs, surgeries, gimmicks or guess work!

Date: July 2020

Location: Michigan

Tickets available: 25