Essential Oils for Healing

Essential Oils can be a compliment to a healing journey. Used as "medicine" or simply to ease symptoms, this non-toxic alternative to many OTC solutions is becoming more and more popular as those who need them are discovering their efficacy and safety compared with other alternatives. To get started, check out the free resources below. 

 While not all Essential Oils (or "EO's) are created equal, there are many on the market. Some things that we use EO's for at IHCS is to help with headaches, seasonal allergies, inflammation, anxiety, and in personal care and household products- just to name a few. To help those who need extra, non toxic support such as Essential Oils for their healing journey, we offer the following:

1.Free Supplement Consults to anyone purchasing $100 or more of supplements or Essential Oils*. Click Here or the Button Below to Schedule this Phone Call with one of our coaches. The Cost of the Appointment will be applied to the purchase. Shipping not included Terms and Conditions Apply.

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For more information on how to use Essential Oils,, chck out our social media outlets for free trainings and more- Start with our Free Private Facebook Group. Terms and conditions apply.