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Why is this such a big deal?

The death rate per capita is higher wit the elderly at a 6% death rate wheras the flu gives less than a one percent death rate in the same 65+ age group. Across all ages we see a 2.3% death rate compared to a flu death rate of .1%. 

As it has been explained to me by my mentors in the medical community, we do not cary acquired immunity to this as we do the cold and flu. If you remember from your grade school and high school history classes, when the Spanish brought the common cold over to South America during the "discovery" of America, their stuffy noses wiped out a large portion of the native population because they had never had a cold before. However, once the population built immunity, we were able to pass down some level of immunity to our children. They still "got a col" but they no longer died of one. This is similar to that situation. Few of us have been exposed to the Corona Virus and even less to this strain: Covid19.  This is explained the first video before from functional medicine expert, Dr. Brad Watts. 

Who is at risk

Those with pre-existing conditions such as cancer, diabetes,  disease, respiratory distress (asthma, pneumonia, weak lungs, or other compromised respiratory health). Those who are elderly or on chemotherapy, immune suppressants or who otherwise have a weakened or suppressed immune system (as many with Autoimmune Disease, Thyroid, Cognitive Declline, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and other chronic conditions- IE, our clients with IHCS)

For these individuals, the risk of serious complications and need for hospitalization and even death is a great risk.

What you can do at home to protect yourself

  • Eat right- increase fruits and vegetables,. 
  • Avoid foods that reduce immunity-  avoid sugar, alcohol, smoking of any kind, drugs, processed foods, flours. Practice "crowding out" to achieve this.
  • wash your hands, don't touch your face, practice social distancing
  • exercise but not too much- work with your coach to figure out what is too much or too little
  • get fresh air
  • stay hydrated
  • work with your coach to improve the areas you struggle without stressing yourself out
  • avoid stress
  • meditate
  • pray or journal
  • practice good mental hygiene (see below)

What can you do in addition to your at-home habits?

  • See this as your wake up call. Nobody should feel vulnerable and unsafe in the world because of their health status. And the sad fact is that those with chronic conditions like Thyroid, Cognitive Decline, Chronic Fatigue, Diabetes, Autoimmune and Neurological Diseases are being told there is nothing you can do about it- and this couldn't be farther from the truth. Your heath can be improved and remission is possible for those who are willing to work hard and do whatever it takes.
  •  Work with an informed healthcare professional. COVID19 is new and there are a lot of myths running around- its important to make sure your information is coming from reliable sources- not facebook groups or "some guys girlfriend". 
  • Consider IV therapy. Clinical Trials are taking place investigating Vitamin C IV therapy for the treatment of Vitamin C and this is proven to help with both immune system support and supporting those with respiratory illnesses. 
  • Work with an informed healthcare team to change your susceptibility to viruses- not just to COVID19 but with greater immune strength we can reduce rates of chronic illness, cancer, autoimmunity and neurological disorders. 
  • Add Pharmaceutical Strength Targeted Nutrition . Below are some of our general recommendations and options that we have put together based on the recommendations of experts in the field of functional medicine and nutritional support. Watch this video to learn more about why you should "up your game" on your nutritional support from functional medicine expert Dr. Brad Watts. You can see the rest of this interview on  this virtual summit on COVID-19
  • Get additional support in creating habits at home through online coaching who specialize in creating change here or discover your root causes and address them head-on with IHCS. You can compare these two options on the our "Work with IHCS" page.
  • Practice good mental hygiene. Don't get wrapped up in the panic and hysteria. Wash your hands, don't touch your face, practice social distancing, eat right, take nutritional support if you are at an increased risk, avoid things that reduce immunity- but remember that being fearful and anxious is not what keeps you safe- it actually decreases your immunity and increases your risk. If you struggle with anxiety, seek help to learn coping skills and investigate nutritional and lifestyle techniques  to help investigate and combat the root causes of your anxiety to make healthy habits more effective- and feel better while boosting your immunity, too., IHCS can help with that. Find out more with a free 15 minute discover call by contacting the office above and let's see what options are the best fit for you- even if they are not with us.

IHCS is offering Free 15 minute Supplement Consults available with any supplement purchase of $50 dollars or more.

Below are 3 pre-packaged immune support bundles that we have available. We also are making ourselves available help you find immune support for every budget in one of our supplement consults! 

Call our office at 864-436-6870 or email us at info@integrativehealthcoachingservices.com to set up your free supplement consult today. 

Terms and conditions apply

Basic Immune Support Bundle  


 - BioG-Max GSH

 - BioG-Max C

 - BioG-Max B12

 - Liquid D 2000

Recommended for general immune system support

Schedule your free with purchase consult to go over dosage instructions that are right for you!

basic immune support kit

Immune Boost Bundle 


The Immune Boost Bundle (Est. Duration: 9-12 Days) contains:

 - BioG-Max C (3 Bottles)

 - BioG-Max GSH (2 Bottles)

 - BioG-Max B12 (1 Bottle)

 - Liquid D 2000 (1 Bottle)

Recommended for for consistent improved immune support and those that desire a long term immune support strategy

Deluxe Immune Support Bundle 


The Deluxe Immune Support Bundle (Est. Duration: 30 Days) contains:

BioG-Max C (5 Bottles)

 - BioG-Max GSH (3 Bottles)

 - BioG-Max B12 (1 Bottle)

 - Liquid D 2000 (1 Bottle)

Recommended for for consistent improved immune support and those that desire a long term immune support strategy

The Deluxe Immune Support Bundle is designed for long-term immune support. Biogenetix constructed this bundle with the intent of improving immune support over extended amounts of time. This turn-key kit would be suited for consistent immune system cultivation.

Schedule your free with purchase consult to go over dosage instructions that are right for you!

deluxe immu