School is back and so are school lunches. We had a break and that was nice but one of two things (or both) may be happening.. and even if it isn’t happening to our little darlings.. it is probably happening to our own lunches also: You are either stuck in a rut from summer or don’t want to repeat the rut from last year’s lunches.

So I wanted to make sure you had some fun options and ways to make lunch easy, but more interesting.  For your convenience, I have included some affiliate links.  For my full disclosure policy please click here.

First let’s start with the container. Presentation goes a long way but if you are like me, you are not going to get up early to cut their fruit into little starts and arrange their berries into a flag. If you are, then you are definitely getting an A+– but with this container you can still get an “A” without all the extra time and creativity put into a morning craft project at 6 a.m. For examples of what a simple lunch can look like in the container, check out this instragram page full of examples of why this container is not your average lunchbox. While not all of these examples are free of processed foods, they can give you an idea of how simple foods, with little preparation can be presented in a manner that makes them fun! To know more about these lunchboxes and why you should make an investment in this one instead of “that” one.. click here. It goes into how it is safer, for you and the environment.

Now let’s move onto the content: We have lots of options for no or low processed and grain free wraps to choose from for our little ones. But incase you are unfamiliar with your options- here are a few of my favorites:

  1. For “sandwiches”, I suggest either using a large lettuce, chard, collard leaf or nori sheet.  You can also consider sweet potato toast- which is super good and can be topped with nutbutter and fruit, or with avocado and turkey.  If none of these sound like a good option, then try this coconut wrap. You can fill it with lunchmeat and pickles or even with leftover tacos or a grassfed hotdog. I use these regularly at the office and they go great with ham and pickles or with fajitas, or even with sausage and kale:)
  2. Salads. A serious standby where lunch and health collide- but let’s not give ourselves or others we love the same salad day in and day out. For a way to shake things up while still making it delicous- try my Build-A-Salad formula: Something crunchy, Something fatty, Something savory and something sweet and dont forget a protein.   Althernatively, the best dishes in the world contain 5 flavors: salty, sweet, pungent, sour and nutty. An example of the first would be some cabbage or nuts for crunchy, some avocado or olive oil for fatty. You would then add some fresh herbs or cauliflower rice for savory and some berries or sweet potato for sweet and some chicken for protein (which could also be savory).  To follow the second method, you may try sea salt, berries, balsamic vinaigrette, and avocado. (I counted the vinaigrette as sour and pungent). By having a formula but changing the ingredients, you can consistenly produce delicous and exciting salads that change with what is available to you at a given time.
  3. leftovers.  Let’s not forget leftovers. Some people do not like to eat the same thing 2 days in a row and you dont have to! you can simply freeze them after eating them the first time and wait until the idea seems new again. freeze them in individual portions and let them thaw between the school bus and lunchtime. If need be, they can be taken out the night before to make sure that they are thawed out.
  4. Have a rotation of eating. Not buying the same ingredients every week ensures that you do not use the same ingredients every week.  Sounds logical, right? Be sure to rotate them not just week to week but also from season to season. You should be eating differently in the fall than the winter or summer: What you eat prepares your body for the weather it takes to grow that food: This means that if you want to feel cooler, then eat tropical food. If you want to feel lighter, eat summer foods. Always cold? try some root vegetables and warming soups.
  5. Resources. I wanted to put together some resources for some truly creative lunch ideas. So I put them together here. All together there are over 75 ideas all collected for you (and more!). So seriously, no excuses ya’ll!

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