Snacks on a healing journey can be… frustrating, daunting, and hard to find. I wanted to put together a list of my favorite snacks especially ones that were travel friendly for our summer road trips, picnics, baseball games and pool side snacking. Okay so maybe it is a little premature (It is may and not everywhere is having 90 degree days yet) but these things are coming soon and we need to be prepared, ya’ll. MMkay? (yes, I just got a little sassy and southern).

So let’s get to work for some easy snack ideas that are either no or low prep.

  1. Apple Chips
  2. Plantain chips
  3. Fruit such as apples or dates or oranges
  4. Fruit with Coconut ButterI like apples or bananas and have even enjoyed carrot sticks with this nut-butter stand-in.
  5. Collagen Bars.  You can also leave this recipe unrefridgerated and use as a dip for apples or bananas or even sweet potato chips.
  6. Sweet Potato chips
  7. Jerky. Try Epic brand to find a possible compliant one or make your own using a dehydrator and sea salt. You can place it in jars or baggies and freeze for later use if you need to store them for an upcoming trip.
  8. Turkey rollups. I like taking compliant turkey slices and placing avocado slices and a handful of chopped cilantro and rolling it up like a taco. I will make a few of these and place in a travel container for a roadtrip. I can also stop on the fly at a grocery store and buy the ingredients and make them quickly on a paper towel or paper plate in my car when traveling.
  9. Paleo wraps Sandwiches. I like stuffing mine with wild canned salmon salad using olive oil and mashed avocado.  These wraps make it feel more fun than a collard leaf and super travel friendly also. Its a healing sandwich.. finally!
  10. Paleo bintz/Crepe. This is perfect to pack for a breakfast or dessert on the road. Same paleo wrap as above, but fill with coconut butter and some fresh berries. Honey is optional.  I have also filled these with banana and honey for a super decadent dessert. You could also add toasted coconut, carob chips, dried fruit or any other goodies to make this dessert feel extra special.
  11. Bonus (I know I said 10 but then I thought of these! they also make great croutons). Pork Clouds. I love these in their rosemary and sea salt flavor!

There you go. These are some quick things that feel like I’m on vacation that don’t derail a healing journey. You get to be a little “bad” but still feel pretty good the next week (instead of feeling a flare). Enjoy your journey. Take some pics. Eat some food. Most of all, Live your best life!

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Rebecca at MyCrazyJourney