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Rebecca Mills-Anderson – Founder

My name is Rebecca Mills-Anderson and I help those with complex autoimmune and neurological disorders take their bodies back from fatigue, brain fog and all-over pain so they can begin their healing journey towards health, allowing them to take their lives, and their bodies, back from these chronic conditions using a protocol based on the genomics of chronic illness: its called the CEP Protocol.


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What is CEP?

While this Protocol was inspired by other great protocols that came before the CEP, it contains an element never before used in any healing protocol before: it is based on Genomics and Functional Medicine.  While protocols have been based on functional medicine they have not taken into account a very important gene and gene combination that I have found in EVERY one of my complex patients.  Based on these genomic factors and what we know in functional medicine, I have been able to create a signature protocol that can help even the most critical cases.

I just feel like God puts things in your path when you need them. – Jadie Barwick

Watch the video above to hear Jadie speak about her Crazy Journey.
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