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From Thyroid, Cognitive Decline, CIRS, Autoimmune, Nervous System, Brain Disorders or “Mystery” Illness.

We help you achieve what you and your doctor cannot. You have already seen every medical professional possible with little to no results. Integrative Health Coaching Services can help you take your body (and your life) back.


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Unlock the secrets behind defeating your Chronic Condition. Apply for one-on-one coaching with Rebecca Mills-Anderson and begin to take back your body and your life!

Rebecca Mills-Anderson – Founder

My name is Rebecca Mills-Anderson and I help those with complex autoimmune and neurological disorders take their lives and bodies back from fatigue, brain fog and all-over pain so they can begin their healing journey towards health.  This is achieved by using a protocol based on the genomics of chronic illness:  the CEP Protocol. Read more about my story.

I just feel like God puts things in your path when you need them. – Jadie Barwick

Watch the video above to hear Jadie speak about her Crazy Journey.