Recommended Adrenal Supplements

These are the supplements that I use every day to support my adrenals. Taking these prevent me from suffering as I did for 20 years from the effects of this syndrome that had been effecting me for decades. Combined with dietary changes, these were the solution that no doctor could provide me.  Supporting your adrenals is also integral to a thyroid health protocol.  Seek guidance from a trained professional if you are not sure what supplements are right for your body.

Licorice. Not recommended if you have high blood pressure.For Energy. A blend of herbs that won't leave you tired later.This should be sufficient for daily support. This mineral is important for healing adrenals and many accompanying symtoms.
This particular form of Vitamin C is more bioavailable then pills. Another blend of ascerola cherry powder.This herbal blend is great for long term adrenal support. L-theanine is a great anti-anxiety and calms the nervous system.