Recommeded Personal Care Products

Below are some of my favorite personal care products. I am very picky about my products as they need to be non-toxic, allergen free and they need to work! As a former beauty educator for 2 major beauty retail stores, I am not easy to impress. As a person with multiple allergies and who is very sensitive to ingredients and toxins, I feel that it is difficult to fit the bill to please both “sides” of myself. This is the list I have landed upon. The list contains affiliate links which means that clicking on the links and purchasing the product helps support this blog while costing you no extra money for things you purchase anyway, like toothpaste. I hope you enjoy these products as much as I do.

Face Wash/Body Wash. Face Wash needs to be gentle, effective and PH balanced. It needs to not strip and therefore damage the mantle of the skin. This particular face wash is all those things. Made with tea tree oil, it also protects against acne, rashes and other skin irritations. And with a price like this for a size this big, it can also be used for a hand wash or body wash without coasting an exorbitant amount. I think you will really like this face wash.

Toothpaste can be tricky. With Xylitol being made from corn and the alternative being a sugar containing tooth product, it is difficult to find a compliant toothpaste that also isn’t full of toxins like fluoride. I used to make my own but soon ran across this toothpaste and was quite pleased with the ingredients and performance. I like it because it contains neither corn derived products or sugar and has the ingredients that I used when I made my own toothpaste but with a convenient squeeze tube. I love dessert essence products and recommend their products highly.

Epsom Salts. Great for detox baths and calming. This particular one is a great deal on a big bag!

This Cream is a great skin cream.  It is light yet moisturizing while it uses glycolic acid to gently exfoliate.  Glycolic Acid strengthens the elastin of your skin, gets rid of fine lines and wrinkles, gradually reduces brown spots, scars, tightens pores and refines the texture of your skin for a soft supple surface. It is also great for acne prone skin as acne cannot form without dead skin to trap bacteria in your pores.  This product does however, sensitize your skin to sun as a result of removing dead skin.  Please use caution in strong sun while using this skin cream as the lack of dead skin may cause your skin to burn more easily.  This cream is suitable for all skin types and age groups.

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring element in our skin that lets us hold onto moisture.  This is a great product for dry, oily or aging skin.  For Oily skin it is important to have SOME form of moisturizer because oil is worse when the skin is dehydrated. The skin will overproduce oil in response to drying out the skin.  For dry or aging skin, this product is great under a moisturizer to retain moisture and plump the skin.

Toner.  If your face wash is ph balanced then using a toner is not a necessary step in skin care but I still suggest using this toner.  If you wear any kind of makeup or are exposed to pollution, smog, dirt or any other type of extra dirt to your face during the day, then it may not be completely removed by washing your face.  This extra step allows for a removal of anything left behind.  This particular formula also contains 2% glycolic acid (a low amount that is great for getting rid of dead skin) and some hyaluronic acid to help your face retain moisture. Perfect for all skin types, it contains no alcohol or other harsh agents to strip your skin.  I also use this in the morning as a skin refresher, to wash sleep away from my skin before moisturizing and applying any morning makeup.

Body Oil. I find that my skin is very dry and I need a good moisturizer.  Some people do well with coconut oil as their all purpose moisturizer and I do use that when I travel because of it’s ability to be so multi-purposeful.  But for everyday oil I need something that penetrates my skin with better moisture.  It seems that all the best oils are made from nuts and seeds except for Avocado Oil.  If you can tolerate jojoba seed, almond oil, or even grapeseed in your diet then there is no reason not to use these oils for moisturizing.  But if you are avoiding these things in your diet, it is best to avoid them topically until you are sure you can tolerate them.  As a general rule, if you cannot eat it, don’t bath in it:)

I hope this helps get you started on some personal care products for your non-toxic, allergen free journey.  I will be adding more products to this page as time goes on and will be adding other pages to the site for essential oils, recommended supplements, cleaning supplies and solutions and food items.  Feel free to comment below with any of your personal favorites in any of these categories.  And as always,  if you like this content, please sign up below for updates, offers and recipes to support your healthy, non-toxic, allergen free lifestyle!