Non-Toxic Medicine Cabinet Options

Many or most over the counter supplements have nasty side effects (especially long-term use) and often block important nutrients. We generally prefer to pop a pill then listen to our body- but what if we could both listen to our bodies and get back to work?  Luckily, we have alternatives that help just as effectively and these “medicines” yet truly “do no harm” and instead benefit the body as well as treat the symptom.  As always, check with your functional medicine doctor before consuming anything that is new to make sure it is compatible with your body. After all, one man’s cure is another man’s poison.  For your convenience, this post contains affiliate links.  For my full disclosure policy click here.

Your shopping list for a non-toxic medicine cabinet (affiliate links)

Medicine Cabinet Must Haves

An affordable beginner's or basic essential oil kit for any medicine cabinetDaily anti-inflammatory (and anti-oxidant!)Fabulous and gentle anti-anxiety remedy.Highly absorbable and great for pain and healing. Many uses. Fabulous essential oil blend for congestion and respiratory.
Anti- biotic, anti-viral, anti-fungal "everything" oil.Peppermint is the must-have headache solution.An alternative to an anti-biotic. I recommend only using when absolutely necessary.Immune boosting mineral from whole food source.High dose, whole food source of Vitamin C that mixes easily into liquids.
A must-have for women's issues.Perfect for kid's little bodies.A general probiotic for the familysplinters, sore muscles, back pain and more.for infections
A powerful anti-viral amino acid.An herbal anti-viral.For constipation or immediate relief of anxiety, aches or pains. *Only the unflavored does not contain corn.The "extra" in this bedtime tea is valerian root. This additive free brand has a medicinal tea for almost anything that ails you!
Willowbark is a herbal aspirin. Great for pains or adult fevers that get too high.This ascerola cherry powder is not processed with tapioca or other additives.

What are your favorite products for your non-toxic medicine cabinet? What do you use them for? Tell us below in the comments so we can check them out! Add a link if you like!

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