Lemon Tarragon Cauliflower Rice


So I love a good Cauliflower Rice Pilaf. In case you haven’t figured that out yet ūüėČ ¬†I’m always looking for new ways to make it because it is so easy to make into something that I miss or want since my food allergies took their place in my crazy journey! So this was a great recipe that was inspired by so many recipes that I couldn’t have but used these or similar flavors.¬†I have this wonderful side dish that gives me the wonderful tastes of Lemon and Tarragon. ¬†I used dried tarragon in this recipe because I couldn’t find fresh but encourage you to use fresh if it is available to you. ¬†I just know that using fresh would take this to the next level. If i get a chance to get some fresh tarragon I will come back and update on what measurement I used. You may be able to find a source to translate the equivalent between dried and fresh.

Using fresh or dried herbs is a great way to get extra nutrition into your food that often gives added medicinal benefits as well. If you have trouble finding some ingredients, I’ve placed some affiliate links to help you find some of them online. Using affiliate links costs you nothing but they do help support posts like these and keep great content coming your way. I only use them as a way to help you on your journey and and hope they do just that. If you do need anything, clicking on them supports writers like me. So thanks in advance!


3 cups raw cauliflower, cut into chunks and “riced” in a food processor. ¬†If this is your first time making cauliflower pilaf then this just means that you place it in the food processor for a minute will it turns raw cauliflower into rice size particles.

1 teaspoon garlic powder

1 tablespoon of dried tarragon. If you can’t find any you can click here to buy some.

the zest of one lemon

optional: black pepper to taste (omit for AIP)

about 3 tablespoons of cooking fat¬†I like Spectrum Brand Palm Shortening with this. NO this brand doesn’t harm¬†orangutans or their habitats with its manufacturing of this product. ¬†That is why I specifically buy this brand. ¬†You can get some here if your local store doesn’t carry this brand. It is superb quality and has no taste whatsoever so it is a nice alternative to processed or hydrogenated cooking oils.

If you are on Wahl’s Protocol Plus (level 3) you would probably want to use coconut oil and will have opportunity to load it in as the cauliflower soaks it up as it cooks. ¬†This can be helpful in reaching necessary fat for level 3 macros. I find the best price on coconut oil ¬†at Costco’s but if you don’t have a Costco membership and don’t mind buying in bulk then you can get roughly the same price per ounce here. I have bought this literal gallon before and just refilled an old mason jar for everyday use.

You may need to add another 3 tablespoons of cooking fat as it cooks due to absorption, but ¬†if your stomach doesn’t handle the fat well then you could add a little bone broth for liquid. Just keep an eye on it so it doesn’t become mushy.

Throw ingredients into a pan and cook on medium for about 4 to 5 minutes. If needed, you can cover and leave on low or remove from heat while other foods are finishing. The steam should keep it warm.

Goes great with Fish or Chicken. But seriously, you can’t go wrong serving this with just about anything!

Hope you love it as much as we do:)

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Ginger Garlic Wasabi Tuna Steaks- AIP, Paleo and Wahl’s

tuna steak asian aip wahls paleo low carb

So I actually created this recipe the same time that I made the Lemon Tarragon Cauliflower Rice (coming next week) and it was such a flavor explosion in my mouth that I immediately had to write it down and get ready to post this for you! It was super simple and satisfied my craving for Asian foods that I will always have. If you are yeast free, soy free then you know exactly what I mean about missing Asian foods (unless you don’t like Asian food, of course). ¬†This is definitely a keeper recipe and also very affordable as my local Sprouts grocery often has wild caught tuna steaks on sale. I don’t buy them very often because of the concern for both overfishing and mercury exposure but they sure were a treat for a delightful weeknight meal. ¬†Here are the easy instructions:

2 tuna steaks (wild caught is best for nutritional content), taken out previously so that they will reach room temperature by the time you are ready to cook them.  Room temperature usually takes about an hour from the time you remove the steaks from the fridge until you are ready to cook them.  This will ensure they cook properly.

About 1 and 1/2 inch section of fresh ginger, grated over both steaks on both sides with a zester

2 cloves of garlic, also grated over both sides of the tuna steaks

a pinch or 2 of sea salt– you just want a sprinkle over the steaks. Go lightly because the other ingredients will give this PLENTY of flavor.

Wasabi Powder– about 1/4 teaspoon for both steaks is plenty. If you are not sure of this and the spicy bite it may provide, then feel free to use less. Just give a light sprinkle to both sides of the steaks. I use a washabi powder that I purchased from an asian market that had no other ingredients. If you try to use a wasabi paste then you will have other ingredients that are not paleo, AIP or Wahl’s compliant.

The juice of one lemon– I used this because of its complimentary flavor combined with the ginger and garlic and it’s ability to “marry” the flavors. ¬†I just squeezed enough of the lemon to have a bit of liquid in the pan with the fish and add some brightness to the flavors. It is up to you if you want to use one whole lemon or one half instead.

I also used some Spectrum Brand Palm Shortening for cooking in my Cast Iron Pan.  I chose this because of its healthy fat profile and it not having a flavor to interfere with my fish.


Cover the Fish with the Garlic, Wasabi, Salt, Ginger, and lemon juice and set Aside. Let it marinate while you prepare your other sides, like the Asian Cauliflower Rice Pilaf recipe here.   Note: Do not let it marinate overnight or it will just lose flavor. It is best to prepare and cook within the hour.

Heat the oil over Medium High Heat. ¬†If it starts to smoke then turn it down a notch but you want it pretty hot to create a “crust” on the fish and get a good sear. ¬†Cook for about 2 to four minutes on each side depending on preference, covering with a lid to get some of the warmth to the inside of the fish.

When the fish is cooked to your liking, you may choose to let it “rest” for a few minutes so that it is more cooked in the center or eat immediately if you prefer it more rare in the center. ¬†I do not suggest eating it cooked more than medium. You want some pink in the middle or you won’t get the same flavor that makes eating a Tuna Steak worth so much more than just seasoning a can of the same fish. ¬†It should be a completely different experience.

I suggest this served with some sliced avocado, some salad and some Cauliflower Rice.

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Happy Eating!

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Common Causes of Inflammation and What You Can Do About It.

causes of inflammation

When you get to the point in your chronic illness where the immediate “fires” have been put out, you may reach a point where you start to think of the big picture. ¬†For me, I got to the point that I became symptom free and was in maintenance mode. ¬†I started thinking of the big picture and what things were not under control YET. ¬†Inflammation was at the top of my list of things to address next in my crazy journey to ultimate health. I had reduced it already with diet but still had some work to go. ¬†This article is for anyone who wants to prevent disease, fight disease, reduce inflammation and reduce pain whether you are at the beginning of your journey, deep in the throws of the fight or just tying up loose ends on your way to collect your victory prize.

Inflammation  shows up regularly as part of a healthy immune system. We become inflamed as a response to allergies, injury, toxins such as viruses or chemicals.  In a healthy individual this is a temporary response to a temporary problem. Chronic inflammation is a chronic response to a chronic problem and is at the root of all modern diseases from IBS to Cancer. So What can you do about it? First I would look at the big picture: what is causing it? This may take some detective work. It may be coming from more than one source.  But preventing an early death by a chronic illness is worth it! Here are some common reasons for chronic inflammation:

Obesity. ¬†If someone is overweight, then they are inflamed. Period. There are instances where some weight can be caused by inflammation and some inflammation can be caused by weight but either way overweight=inflamed. Losing weight and addressing related issues like blood sugar, hormones, stress, sleep, gut health and toxins can all help to undo this damaging factor to our health. All of these issues can cause inflammation and weight gain or obesity so addressing all the underlying issues may help you lose weight more easily. For testing I suggest seeing a Functional Medicine Doctor to assess your hormone levels, diet, gut health and enlist the help of a health coach to help you execute the doctor’s orders. A health coach is someone who helps you with the “how” of the diet and protocols that the doctor may recommend. They will also help you get from point A to point B in your journey to health. ¬†For more information on the roles of obesity in inflammation click here.

Stress. We have all seen the commercials about cortisol and belly fat. And yes, cortisol does cause belly fat: if you have too much. ¬†But what if you have too little? Having an imbalance here is very common in several forms of chronic illness as a stressful lifestyle effects most of us and leads to a common problem of adrenal fatigue. Prolonged Adrenal Fatigue suppresses the immune system and leads to sugar handling issues which then lead to more health problems. ¬†Because of this common chain of events I often see Autoimmune cases that coincide with Adrenal Fatigue. ¬†It is also common to become hypoglycemic with Adrenal Fatigue which can sometimes be a precursor to diabetes. ¬†Diabetes is a precursor for heart attacks, strokes and chronic inflammation. This inflammation and even prolonged hypoglycemia have already been linked to Alzheimer’s. ¬†Because of all these possible pathways from Adrenal Fatigue to various chronic and serious illnesses, I refer to Adrenal Fatigue as a “gateway syndrome”. ¬† Addressing your Adrenal Fatigue can not only regulate your cortisol (and other hormones too) but can reduce inflammation and prevent inflammatory disease states. For more information about cortisol and its effects on inflammation click here. ¬†For more information on Adrenal Fatigue click here. If you think you may have untreated Adrenal Fatigue I suggest seeing a Functional Medicine Doctor to address and heal from this. ¬†If nothing else they can provide you with some supplemental nutritional support to support proper physical response to stressors. ¬†A Health Coach can help you with various forms of Stress Management in addition to nutritional support.

Blood Sugar.¬†I can’t talk about cortisol without bringing in blood sugar. ¬†Especially because so many¬†of sugar handling issues can be controlled by diet. ¬† If you have Adrenal Fatigue then you have sugar handling problems. Period. If you have sugar handling issues ¬†(hypoglycemia, pre-diabetes, diabetes or even a predisposition to Alzheimer’s) ¬†I highly suggest that you cut the processed foods, grains and sugars from your diet immediately. ¬†This includes sugar, corn syrup, honey, agave, nutrasweet, aminosweet, stevia, fruit juice, juice concentrate, dextrin, fructose, sucrose, xylitol, sugar alcohols and more. ¬†Even calorie free sweeteners raise your insulin and without the sugar there for it to digest, this causes your body to increase its likelihood of insulin resistance. ¬†It also stimulates your adrenals and causes your body to react as if you were in danger. ¬†If you are already struggling with your adrenals then this only makes this worse.¬†To learn more about the role of blood sugar and inflammation click here¬†and/or¬†here.

Sleep deprivation. ¬†We all have gotten sick because our immune system was weaker when we were sleep deprived. Have you ever noticed your fever is worse at night when you have the flu? This is¬†because lack of sleep raises cytokines (immune system response) which causes inflammation. So chronically not sleeping enough can lead to chronic inflammation. Before the invention of the lightbulb, people slept an average of ten hours a night and today they sleep an average of 6. I would allegate that most of us are sleep deprived on a regular basis. Taking steps to improve your sleep hygeine and making it a priority could literally change how you feel not only tomorrow but for the rest of your life. ¬†If you aren’t sure where to start or need accountability I would consider enlisting the help of a health coach. ¬†This goes double if you have a long way to go from where you know you¬†should be. For more information on the link between sleep and chronic inflammation click here.

Chronic Viruses. Viruses like Herpes, HPV, Epstein Barre and Cytomegalovirus can put an immune system into chronic inflammation. ¬†In cases like these, the immune system¬†is constantly in fight mode. ¬†This constant state of alert for the immune system causes constant inflammation. If you suffer from one of these conditions, I suggest taking some anti-virals daily like Vitamin C, L-Lysine, Lemon Balm, Cat’s Claw, St. John’s Wort or getting regular Vitamin C IV’s through a Functional Medicine Doctor. For more information on viruses and their link to chronic inflammation as it pertains to autoimmune click here.

Foods.  There are foods that are inflammatory for everyone but some of us react more strongly to them than others.  Legumes, grains, and dairy are notorious for their inflammation properties but this is only a problem if you are already suffering from inflammation such as asthma, a cold, IBS, Autoimmune, Osteoarthritis or any type of inflammatory condition (including congestion!).   And then there are nightshades.  Nightshades, which include white potatoes,tomatoes,  peppers of all kinds and eggplant, are part of the same family as Belladonna.  This plant is a poisonous plant that is used medicinally as a sedative in small amounts. Large amounts can kill you and it is considered a poison . It is very common for someone who is already suffering with inflammation to react in an inflammatory manner to eating this group of vegetables.  It is also possible to either not react to them or to only react to one or some of the group. Only an elimination diet can tell you if you are sensitive as this may not show up as an allergy. For more information on inflammatory foods click here.  If you are unsure if you are reacting to foods, please check out my article on identifying food sensitivities here or enlist the help of a Health Coach who specializes in AIP.

Environmental Toxins including Allergies.  Chemicals from our house, cleaners, food, soil, beauty products, water, pills and medicines, hair dye and more are full of toxic chemicals that we are constantly being exposed to in our daily lives. We are either breathing it in or putting it on our very absorbent skin.  The body uses the liver and lymph glands to filter this through our body but when the body needs our energy for other things like digestion or all the other toxins we put into it, it then stores the toxins in our fat cells to save that energy. Allergies, viruses, and even caffeine are recognized by our liver as something of which we need to process and excrete. Our body sees all of these as toxic invaders and it can elicit an inflammatory response either in an effort to attack it or to isolate it to protect the rest of the body from the invader. For more information on inflammation caused by environmental toxins click here.

Gut Health. ¬†At the center of all of this is your gut health. Adrenal Fatigue breaks down your gut lining. Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Autism, Adhd, Autoimmune, and Obesity are all linked to leaky gut. And your gut health is the foundation of your immune system. Healing your gut is crucial to a healthy body. ¬†Dr. Susan Blum says that a leaky gut causes inflammation. (video via her facebook page dated September 6, 2016, no link available).

Homo-cysteine levels.  This is an inflammatory marker that can easily be measured and, for most, controlled with B vitamins and NAC.  It can also be a clue into whether or not you are utilizing your B vitamins properly. I suggest getting this checked.  If yours is high, I recommend reading the books by Dr. Perlmutter on ways to lower it using supplements. For more information on homocysteine click here.

What you can do about it. Obviously there are things listed here that require or strongly lend to the leadership of a Functional Medicine Doctor. But that does not mean that you are powerless in your aim to reduce inflammation. Here are some things you can do at home to reduce inflammation NOW.

  • Anti-inflammatory diet. Removing inflammatory foods and incorporating ones that reduce inflammation is a good idea for multiple reasons. Above I listed some inflammatory foods and some foods that actually REDUCE inflammation are things like turmeric, ginger, almonds (raw, sprouted almonds are encouraged), cayenne pepper (if you are not nightshade sensitive or are on a strict AIP diet. ¬†These are a reintroduction for AIPers), Salmon and more.
  • Supplements. I do not recommend NSAIDs like ibuprofen because long term use has side effects that are avoidable if you instead use natural anti-inflammatories. If you need an extra boost I suggest supplements with Turmeric, Boswellia, Ginger and other Anti-inflammatory herbs. A specific one that I really like is by Biotics Research called Kapparest. ¬†This is a blend of anti-inflammatory ingredients, all natural and allergen free. I use this as a pain reliever and also as part of my daily regimen to fight chronic inflammation. I suggest getting a practitioner that uses muscle response testing to determine the right dose for your body or you can ask your FMD. Getting enough nutrients is also very important as our body uses more nutrients when healing or stressed. Most of us are perpetually low in Magnesium, for example, which is important in to almost every cell in the body. Talk to your doctor about the ODA for various vitamins. ¬†You may want to track your nutrition for a week or more to bring to your doctor so they know what your baseline is. ¬†A great tool for tracking nutrition is here.
  • Lifestyle Changes: Things like light exercise (heavy exercise may increase inflammation), grounding, and stress management techniques like 4-7-8 breathing, biofeedback, vagus nerve stiulating poses, yoga and meditation, journaling and even karaoke are all great ways to reduce the sympathetic load (stress to the nervous system) and reduce stress and help normalize cortisol levels.
  • Things to avoid. Caffeine, Toxins, over-exercise, over-stimulation, no down time, processed foods and an imbalanced¬†diet ¬†(like too many carbs and not enough fat or protein; also lack of nutrients) and a high stress lifestyle all pile on when added to an already burdened body. ¬†And when it comes to nutrients, you need MORE when you are stressed, toxic or healing. ¬†Because of this it is even more important to avoid sugar and processed foods when you are healing. ¬†Even the healthy are still burdened with toxins. ¬†Most of us are stressed.
  • What Else Can You Do?.¬†¬†¬†Heal your gut. Support Your adrenals. Get enough Sleep. Exercise but not too much. ¬†Eat to feed Every Cell in your body. Supplement what you can’t get through food. Enjoy your life. Enlist help for the areas for which you are weak, whether from a Health Coach, FMD or, ideally, both.
  • Note: All sources listed are just one source in a sea of thousands on these individual things inflammation. If you search for more you will find plenty more. How in-depth you want to get is up to you. There is much more information out there and I encourage you to research anything that may apply to your body. Knowledge is power. ¬†Once you find something that is causing your inflammation, you have the ability to find an answer to the problem. This type of detective work is called “bio-hacking”. ¬†It refers to investigating problems and solutions of your own biochemistry and bodily state in order to reach better health and healing. I hope this article helps you on your own crazy journey. ¬†This information was very helpful in my crazy journey.

To Your Health,


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How to beat a cold: The Paleo, Non-Toxic method

natural cures for cold and flu season

We work so hard to keep our bodies healthy, free of allergens and GMO’s and pesticides and all the other things we stay away from on our mission to healthy living. But sometimes, no matter how hard we work, we get sick. September of this year was my month to catch a cold. ¬†I had just written newsletters on prepping for flu season to all my clients at my day job. Me? Sick? I was in shock since I¬†didn’t think I had been exposed.. much.

What else can I do to fight this since my body apparently thought it was time to slow down? (had it not seen my work schedule?)¬†So I tried a couple of things and wanted to share with you my successes on my crazy journey through cold season. I have compiled a list of all the things you can add to your arsenal of weapons against colds and flu this season for you and your whole family. I’ve compiled a list of foods, supplements, support¬†practices, things to avoid and even a spiritual tip (yes, really). ¬†For your convenience, I have included some affiliate links.¬†¬†For my full¬†disclosure please click here.¬†¬†So let’s get to it. I don’t know about you, but I fhave little time for a cold!


healing a cold without drugs

My favorite thing to do is to feed a cold. Now this may not always be an option (especially if ¬†you are nauseated). ¬†I say trust your instincts here. If you don’t feel like eating then don’t. Ketosis has been used for centuries to heal the body during times of sickness. So If you don’t feel like eating, try fasting or just drinking bone broth. ¬†If you only want a bit of food, then stick to organ meats or small amounts of protein and vegetables in your broth for the nutrients and detoxification support.¬† If you do choose to eat then try to incorporate some of these foods:


easy to digest and full of nutrients and detoxifying amino acids


anti-bacterial and anti-viral


anti-inflammatory and used for sore throats and colds in many cultures


detoxifying, anti-bacterial, alkalizing and great on a sore or itchy throat.


antibacterial and detoxifying. Wild blueberries are best.




antibacterial, helps with local allergies (must be local honey), is great for soothing sore throats






detoxifying, Immune-boosting, and helps with inflammation that causes achiness.


If you are not nauseated, then smoothies or juices may digest more easily. Bananas are known for aiding in diarrhea.  Brightly colored fruits and vegetables are also a great source of vitamins that your iPRmmune system needs to function, like vitamin c.  Sulphurous Veggies pack an extra punch by supporting your liver to get rid of excess toxins- like viruses.  Watch the fruit intake however as too much sugar of any kind can cause inflammation (making sore achy joints worse) and  possibly depress the immune system.


natural solutions for a cold

The right supplements can help support a healthy diet and immune system but some are better than others for supporting getting well from a cold or the flu.


Quality is everything here. Many probiotic aren’t worth the bottle in which they are sold. Here is the brand that I suggest.


This amino acid is an anti-viral. It is commonly used to keep the herpes virus suppressed but is very useful in any virus treatment to help your body kick some serious virus-butt! I suggest taking 1000 mg per day during the course of a virus.  This brand is allergen and additive free.


Immune booster extraordinaire. Sidenote: Most Vitamin C products are made from Corn.  If you have a corn intolerance/allergy or are trying to avoid corn products then I suggest this supplement for a whole food source (if you can tolerate tapioca and cherries) It is very effective and as it is made from whole foods, it is not only effective but has no side effects at larger doses (1000 to 5000 mg per day during the course of a virus or other health crisis.  For maintenance I suggest taking about 1000 mg a day).  If you are looking for a tapioca-free and corn-free Vitamin C then this one is the one that I use. It is easy to break open and place into a smoothie for larger doses or to take by mouth for maintenance doses.


This boosts immune function and is a great natural antibiotic.  I suggest this form here. For those on an AIP regimin, beware of this option.  It can be an immune stimulant and is considered a reintroduction. For some, they will do well with this and others it will tax their immune system too much.


I would ONLY use this if an infection is evident.  If you start with the anti-bacterial foods before an infection then this would be unnecessary.  While this is gentler than a pharmaceutical antibiotic, it is still hard on your good bacteria and will require some effort to restore your gut health after using. Again, I suggest getting some direction from a functional medicine doctor before using this.  Also,  an antibiotic (this qualifies) does not treat a virus. I use this one here


 These contain a small amount of sugar (3 grams) but I think it is completely worth it as they are not sweet and feel amazing on your throat, boost the immune system and help digestive health.  They contain no allergens but may contain black pepper and seeds(not AIP compliant)


These contain Slippery Elm which is touted as being a sore throat remedy. I was pleased to see no corn, gluten or other ingredients that were non -AIP compliant including preservatives. Because these also contain sugar, I limit my use of these to when absolutely necessary.  When my throat was sore or my cough was active I would sleep with one of these (not good for the teeth but I only needed it for 1 to 2 nights) to keep my throat from keeping me awake all night.


Viruses and Allergies all are identified by the body as a toxin.  Supporting the liver is going to help your body get well. Whether you use sulphurous vegetables, or tea like this one or a supplement like this,  any liver support is a good idea.


I used these oils in various capacities.  I  rubbed one in and around my nostrils to help clear my nose while I slept and another for headaches.  I used a third in the kit for my diffuser and another in my bath.  It could also be used on a handkerchief to inhale or in a diffuser or bath bomb or on your pillow. You may also choose to rub it on your chest for chest congestion.  If applying directly to the skin, make sure to use a carrier oil such as this one to avoid skin irritation.

Support Practices.

sleep is essnetial to get well

Here are some other things you can do to support your immune system to help you get over a cold or virus.


Regular adjustments help your immune system and organs function properly including gut health, the liver, the thymus and any other part of your body controlled by the central or peripheral nervous system. A misalignment can impede the flow of energy or information that runs through the nerves just as pressing on a garden hose would impede the flow of water. Making sure everything is where it is supposed to be can ensure your body is running its best.


(Avoid if you are running a fever) ¬†Run a warm bath as hot as you can stand (make sure you get up slowly afterwards as the heat can cause blood pressure to drop and result in dizziness or passing out). ¬†Fill with one cup Epsom Salts or Flakes (flakes are better for those with MTHFR¬†gene mutation), 1 tablespoon vitamin C powder and 1/2 cup of baking soda. ¬†You can also add some eucalyptus oil for clearing sinuses. ¬†Get in the bath and stay in as long as you can. ¬†If you start to feel weak or fatigued, don’t be alarmed. ¬†The heat may induce a fever which will boost your body’s ability to fight off a virus or infection. ¬†It will also detoxify you and help your body get rid of toxins.¬† Warning: always¬†get up from a hot bath slowly as it drops the blood pressure and can cause fainting.


This the time to sleep extra and often. Sleep is when our body heals itself and without sleep our immune system gets weaker. Notice that you are worse at night and better in the morning? It is because sleep is that big of a factor in getting better.. or worse.


This practice comes with the same warnings and benefits as a hot detox bath. Proceed with caution but it may really help to detoxify.¬† Because of the intensity and tendency to increase body temperature and feelings of weakness or faintness, I suggest only using this when you are “fighting” a cold and do not actually have a full blown virus.¬† Overheating or fainting would be a risk if you use this when you are running a fever or if you are already prone to low blood pressure.


There are some poses that help detoxification and boost the immune system.  But be sure not to exert yourself. This is not time for a workout. You need your energy to heal right now but one or two poses or some light stretching and meditation may feel good. Do what feels good and no more. This brings me to our next section:

Things to avoid.

¬†It is tempting to “refuse to be sick” but doing so may prolong how long you are sick. ¬†This is the time to avoid the following:


See above. You need to heal.


your body is working hard to heal. Don’t increase its load. Some light stretching, restorative yoga or a stroll is fine if you are up to it but don’t feel obligated to get a “good workout in” but instead take this time to rest and pamper yourself.


Sugar lowers your ability to fight anything. Junk food effects you similarly.  Either eat the best you can and fill your body with vitamins and nutrients or fast and go to ketosis to heal.


-Your body is doing exactly what it is supposed to be doing. Letting your body fight an illness without pharmaceutical intervention will make it stronger against a bigger virus or infection down the road. ¬†If it isn’t life threatening, let the body do its job. If you are unsure what is safe for you or a loved one then see your doctor and ask them if it is dangerous for you to let your body “do its thing”. Which brings me to my spiritual tip.

  • Look at the big picture- the universe may be trying to tell you something.


Getting sick may be¬†the universe’s way of telling you to take a few days off of your hectic schedule. You deserve a break.

If you are sick much more than others then it¬†may¬†NOT necessarily a sign to take a short break (maybe a long one?) but to instead enlist the help of a functional medical doctor to dig deeper into why you are always getting sick and fix that. ¬†In that case, open your eyes to the red flag that is waving at you. ¬†My point is that there IS¬†a bigger reason than “crap happens”. True, the message may be as simple as “wash your hands more“, but there is a message. I encourage you to seek the answer and listen¬†before the universe gets much louder and much pushier¬†with your health.

When I came down with multiple autoimmune and a neurological syndrome, the universe was forcing me off the path that was making me sick (and unhappy too).  It had given me several signs to change my ways and get on another path.  The universe was trying so hard to tell me that there was something so much better out there for me.  It forced me onto another path that led to health AND success. But I had to look for that reason.  My cold: it was just telling me to relax and rest and slow down a little.  I was being too goal oriented and loosing sight of things in front of me (like my family).  Whatever your illness is telling you needs to be heard by you. Only you can hear the message the universe is sending. So you if you are sick. Be sick. Focus on getting well and take a day or two off from everything else. It may be a blessing in disguise. So make the most of it.

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